10 Amazing Organic Skincare Hacks

There are tons of products on the market that may be clouding your judgment. There are blogs and vlogs and Tik Toks that are always in your face showing you the latest and greatest. But sometimes, the most natural, at-home ways to go are the best – especially when it comes to our skin.

We did just a bit of research and found 10 amazing, organic skincare hacks that you will want to try, utilize, and keep a part of your daily routine. Have a problem with under-eye bags? Dry skin? Keeping your pores free and clear? There are answers below – scroll through these healthier, environmentally-friendly options now!

Tea Bags (Not For Brewing)

Tea bags scattered on top of each other

No one wants a matching set of dark, under-eye circles but we’re all bound to end up with a pair in our lifetime. And when it happens, from exhaustion or maybe even allergies, knowing what to do takes the stress away.

First, steep some tea bags in the traditional way (chamomile and lavender work great). Then, squeeze out all of the excess water from each bag. Once this is complete, place the bags in the refrigerator for cooling. After about 20 minutes, apply the bags to your eyes. This will help to reduce puffiness and promote blood flow.

Utilize Apple Cider Vinegar

Instead of buying into expensive pore cleansers or micellar waters – grab yourself some apple cider vinegar instead. Not only will it help naturally clean your skin of build-up and bacteria – but it will exfoliate and moisturize while doing so.

How should you go about using it? Combine 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts purified water for the ultimate facial toner and cleanser.

Kiwis Will Cleanse

Firm up and cleanse your skin with kiwis! Yes, the fruit. Of course, they’re delicious but they’re also just as nutritious for our skin. Specifically, mashed or pureed kiwi will help to tone up loser areas and clean out those pores in a less harsh way than most products on the shelves.

By using the fruit directly, you are making your skin privy to rich nutrients and minerals directly from a natural, good-for-you source. To punch this technique to an entirely new level, try out this recipe.

Oil Up (With Coconut!)

Coconuts standing next to a jar

Cooking and baking with coconut oil is trendy – but so is including it in your daily beauty regime. Using bouts of this – in its unrefined form – will help to repair your skin’s natural barrier, retain moisture, and benefit from its natural antibacterial ingredients (and so much Vitamin E!).

Do you want a pro tip? Coconut oil will remove your makeup without irritation and with so much ease. Dab, wipe, and go – all while adding moisture to your skin.

Brighten With Lemon

Give your skin a natural glow or brighter spirit by utilizing the rich juices of a zesty lemon. Of course, use it sparingly as this citrus can be quite acidic and harsh (mix with warm water). A dose of this is used in the same ways you may use a cleanser or toner.

Using this daily will help to lighten dark spots and improve your skin’s collagen levels. Basically, it’s a youthifier! Turn your lemon intake up to eleven with a nice detoxifying drink with this guide too.

Go Bananas!

Bananas are delicious, we know this. Kids love them, adults love them too. They’re a great breakfast side or a snack in the afternoon – but they also do so many wonderful things for the skin. All of that potassium, specifically, is the real deal.

Create this face mask using the ripened fruit as the main ingredient. It will soften your skin and protect it from harmful, UV rays.

Grab Some Raw Honey, Honey

Do you still have problems with monthly breakouts? Some raw honey may be all you need to lessen the stress. Do your research to find the best and then slather some on. Bacteria cannot survive in its atmosphere which will take care of those pesky pimples that decide to pop up out of nowhere.

Of course, while you’re fighting blemishes, you will also reduce the chances of dry skin and moisturize all at the same time. It’s a sweet win-win, don’t you think?

Watermelons Help the Burn

Aloe is a miracle helper when you are feeling the burn – but did you know a slice of watermelon can be just as relieving? Applying some pureed watermelon to your sunburn can easily help ease the redness and inflammation.

Slice is, dice it, throw it in a blender and you have an easy way to soothe yourself. And it’s all-natural – the high water content and lycopene are a powerful duo – plus watermelon juice makes for a refreshing summer drink too!

Ice Cubes (For Popping)

Three ice cubes stacked together

Stop popping your pimples without any prep. Instead, grab an ice cube. Yes, an ice cube will do the trick – we promise!

If you have a pesky blemish, apply an ice cube right to the source. Wrap it in a towel and then keep it on the irritated spot for 1-minute intervals. Not only will this help the pimple … pop … it does so in a way that doesn’t damage the skin, break tissue, or spread the bacteria creating more breakouts.

Avocado (is Delicious) & Moisturizing

We leave you with our final, all-natural, skincare tip. And it’s too, straight from the garden. Grab a fresh avocado and get to mashing because this is one of the best, high-quality moisturizers you will be able to find.

The inside of the avocado’s skin can also be applied directly to the face to soften areas of dryness or inflammation – after leaving it on for 10-15 minutes simply rinse off with warm water. And if you’ve got avocados to spare, try some of these excellent recipes for an added bonus!