10 Easy Laundry Hacks You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without

Our lives are becoming busier and busier while our days seem to become shorter and shorter. And mundane chores, such as laundry, just don’t seem to be the most important or wanted item on the to-do list. Unfortunately for us, it is a necessity, which is why finding ways to make the task a bit easier to manage is just as good as finding that golden ticket.

After scouring through our list of laundry hacks (which are just as helpful as our wardrobe hacks), you’ll wonder how you lived without each of these tricks safely tucked up your sleeve. From the drying to the ironing, let’s have a look, shall we?

Throw in Some Wool Dryer Balls (They Really Do Work!)

Invest in some wool dryer balls. Toss these in with your batches to cut the time in half on your drying time. And don’t worry, they aren’t too expensive and you can find hypoallergenic versions for those that want to stay away from real wool. They can also be used for months – throughout multiple loads – so it is not a continuous purchase to budget either.

pouring laundry detergent into machine
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Whip Up Homemade Laundry Detergent

Save money and find better ingredients for your home and family, but making your own laundry detergent right at home. Here are some recipes to try:

White Vinegar Softens & Brightens

If you’re looking to give your sheets a makeover, toss them in the washer with some white vinegar. All you have to do is run a full cycle with a half-cup of distilled. This will soften those sheets up instantly and also give them a boost of brightness to boot!

This trick will also freshen up their scent as well. If you have older, musty sheets, the vinegar will remove any odors that won’t budge.

Iron with Ice

Too busy to plug in the iron? Or maybe you haven’t bought a new one quite yet? If you’re in a pinch, ice will work! But how, you ask?

Grab your wrinkled garment and throw it in the dryer with some ice cubes. The heat mixes with the ice to cream steam. The steam then smooths out those wrinkles in no time. It’s a genius hack that you certainly cannot mess up.

Flat Irons Will Iron Too

Believe it or not, your hair’s flat iron will work to iron your clothes as well. Take it from us, we’ve personally used a flat iron to iron the odds and ends of our ensembles. From collars to the cuffs of our jeans, it works so well!

Pairs Your Socks in a Mesh Bag

Never lose a sock again. Instead of tossing the pairs in the washing machine, throw them into a mesh bag first. They’ll still get clean but without the potential loss of a partner. Of course, you may be used to using them for delicates only – but they’re truly genius for not allowing your smaller items to be lost in the mix of laundry day.

Tissue Boxes Become Trash Cans

Don’t throw away that tissue box – don’t toss it in the recycle bin either. Instead, walk over to the laundry room and set it down. You now have a mini trash can – for your lint, specifically. This is such a convenient little trick. And it’s one that doesn’t have you tracking dust and tiny lint bits all over the floor of the house trying to look for the trash can hidden in another room.

Once the box becomes full, throw it away or recycle it. Then you can just reuse another box all over again. It’s an eco-friendly and productive way to keep your dryer from overheating and your space tidier.

Stacked towels on dresser
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Chalk Will Absorb the Grease

It may sound a little funny, but a must-have item in your laundry room should be a pack of chalk. Yes, chalk, which is good for more than just in the classroom. When you have a grease stain, this is the way to remove it.

Chalk absorbs – better than most – so you can rub it on oily stains to rid yourself of an unstoppable problem on your favorite outfit.

Cut Your Dryer Time in Half…

By adding a fluffy, dry towel to your batch of wet clothes! Yes, it really is that easy. All you have to do is throw in a clean, dry towel and cycle it through. Your wet clothes will become dry in such a faster time, it’ll become a routine practice for you.

Utilize a Salad Spinner (Yes, We’re Serious)

What if you don’t have a “hand wash” cycle on your washer? Or maybe you don’t have a washer at all? Did you know those little pieces that need an extra delicate setting can be hand washed in a salad spinner?

We’re serious. It works like a charm! Toss them in, throw in the soap that’s needed, and then get to work. Once you’ve done the work, you can actually spin them to dry.