10 Organic Haircare Hacks

Healthy hair can be tricky to maintain in the world of inexpensive, low-quality cleaning products and dyes. And keeping up natural tresses without using overpriced products can be stressful and confusing too. But it doesn’t have to be.

Even with shelling out an arm and a leg for high-end shampoos and conditioners, you may still not be receiving the results you’ve envisioned for your hair. And that’s where these hacks come in – organic ones. All you need are some everyday tips to get you started and on the road to natural, revived, and healthy locks.

Wait, Why Organic?

We’ve explained this before but, let’s rehash really quick! Why you should even be paying attention to the words “organic” when perusing the web in search of the right remedies?

Standard, conventional products and recipes found in those bottles on the shelves you see every day have so many fillers, preservatives, and fragrances throughout their mixes. These ingredients aren’t helpful in our journey to clear, healthy skin. Just like processed foods are helpful in a journey to physical health – from the inside out.

There are many skincare and haircare brands that are all organic (such as Neal’s Yard Remedies or Rahua), but you don’t need to buy it in a bottle for it to do wonders for your hair!

10 Organic Haircare Hacks

The Eggs

Egg yolks have been helpful for decades. They strengthen, they moisture, and heal the damaged ends that we all hate to bear. All you have to do is whip up a DIY hair mask at home with the help of some eggs.

Crack some eggs, add some lemon juice, and beat until the mixture becomes frothy. You will then apply the “mask” to your hair, cover it in a shower cap or plastic wrap – and wait. After around 20 minutes, you’ll rinse your hair thoroughly – and wash with shampoo and conditioner. A few times a month will help your hair become stronger (and some say this treatment may help with hair growth!).

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The Lemon

One of the more popular, organic haircare hacks comes in the form of a freshly, sliced lemon. If you’ve ever wanted to naturally lighten up your tresses, all you need is a bit of juice from this citrus.

Use a spray bottle to apply your lemon juice to your locks – and then go out for a stroll. The combination of citric acid and sun exposure will help get those highlights you’ve been craving.

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The Olive Oil

olive oil haircare tip

Another popular trick will have you going to the pantry. Olive oil is known for its hydration properties – for both hair and skin. And it’s been used for thousands of years (for real!). A little bit of olive oil to the hair can help to diminish dryness and add a healthy bounce!

Add a tablespoon to your hands, and massage into the scalp down to the bottom tips of your hair. Afterward, add a shower cap and allow the magic to work for about half an hour before it’s time to rinse and wash as normal.

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The Apple Cider Vinegar

We already knew that apple cider vinegar was great for our bodies and physical health. But it may be new to hear that it can be great for our hair too. If you have curly, kinky, or natural hair – adding a bit of ACV to your beauty routine may be the most beneficial find.

Apple cider vinegar rinses can help balance the pH of our scalps and keep away the possibility of dryness, frizziness, or even breakage. Furthermore, help your curl definition volume at the same time!

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The Baking Soda

Baking soda can be your new reliable wash as well if you have an oily scalp. Usually, this oil is an effect of build-up on the scalp. By washing with some baking soda, that build-up can easily be defeated.

You will need to mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water – and add some essential oils in there for an optional scent booster. Once you’ve mixed it to a paste – hop in the shower and get to scrubbing!

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The Ginger

organic haircare with ginger

Make an at-home, DIY condition with some ginger essential oils and moringa oil. Beneficial (and tested) on all hair types, the mixture creates one of the best deep-conditioning treatments. The combination is filled with potassium, fiber, and magnesium – all-natural benefits for our locks.

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The Almond Oil

Almond oil will help with shine. Its nutrients are endlessly benefitting but it’s also a very lightweight ingredient that won’t weigh down the hair. It’s also becoming quite popular as a pairing – because of its natural ability to enhance other haircare ingredients’ positive functions.

Using the oil will help with dryness, dullness, shine, strength, hair growth, and scalp health as well. Massage it in just like its olive oil predecessor.

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The Avocado & The Mayo

Great for a sandwich, but great for your hair too! The combination is packed with nutrients and the right ingredients to give your locks a nutritional boost. Pay attention though, because this is not the treatment you will need if you have an oily scalp. Instead, this is for intense dryness!

The recipe you’ll find below is perfect to use for those that need a deep-conditioning treatment that works for especially brittle hair.

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The Coconut Milk

coconut milk haircare tip


Turn your coconut milk into a hair mask to help your roots and locks turn a bit thicker, fuller, and softer too. All you need is coconut milk to start – no mixing, you can use it in its simplest form. Massage it into the scalp, grab a shower cap, and allow it to sit and enrich your tresses. After 45-minutes, rinse and wash as normal.

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The Yogurt and The Honey

And finally, some plain yogurt and honey can go a long way too. This is the perfect way to deal with the heat and humidity. This combination becomes a natural hair mask that will defeat the frizz and breakage that applying heat to our hair can create – but also the weather during the warmer months!

The protein in the yogurt will boost your hair’s strength and add volume. While the honey, this sweetness will retain moisture and help our driest parts.

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