15 Ways to Save Money in 15 Minutes

15 Ways to Save Money in 15 Minutes

Ways to Save Money

Who would have guessed that fifteen minutes is all you need to save money? Why not give one or even two of these tips a try this week and document how much you can save … Then, add a few more of your own … Over the course of a month, it will be interesting to see how much money you saved and in how little of an amount of time you did it! So start saving today fifteen minutes at a time! You will be so glad you did!

1. Call your creditors and ask for a lower interest rate.
Call you creditors (pick one at a time) and request a lower interest rate. If you have been a loyal customer who pays your bill on time, they should be happy to lower it a percentage of two no questions asked.

2. Call your cable company and ask for some new customer perks.
Have you ever noticed how cable companies offer all of the good deals to new customers? If you are a loyal customer, call and tell them you are considering changing companies to take advantage of some intro offers. They will quickly try to trump those offers with some deals themselves. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

3. Clip ten coupons.
If you can clip just ten $1.00/1 coupons, you can save $10.00 on your next grocery trip. You don’t need any more than fifteen minutes to go through the couple of Sunday circulars and find ten coupons that appeal to you. I have a whole page dedicated to coupons here!

4. Be mindful of mealtimes.
Arrive at the restaurant fifteen minutes later and you can end up spending more. For example if the dinner menu starts at 5 p.m., try to arrive fifteen minutes prior so you can still order off the less expensive lunch menu.

5. Grow your own herbs.
It only takes a few minutes to plant a pot of fresh herbs, but the savings will add up over the next several months as those herbs provide for you.

6. Utilize a pay and pack it grocer.
If you have a few minutes to pack your own groceries, you can save a huge percentage off your grocery bill! Visit a pay and pack it store (like Aldi’s) a few times a month and spend a couple minutes bagging your own groceries. You will notice a difference in your total.

7. Pick up instead of opting for delivery.
If you want a pizza or are craving Chinese, spend fifteen extra minutes to go pick up the food yourself. This way, you are avoiding delivery charges as well as the tip you would have to pay the driver.

8. Join Swagbucks or other survey sites.
Join survey sites and spend fifteen minutes a day (or week) taking surveys and participating in promotions to earn points. Your time will result in points which you can redeem for gift cards to use at local stores and restaurants. Sign up here for FREE!

9. Hang your clothes to dry.
Spend just fifteen minutes hanging one load of laundry out to dry. By doing this just a few times a month you can save big bucks since you won’t be powering up your dryer.

10. Forget the gym.
Spend just fifteen minutes in the morning and at night engaging in physical activity such as walking the dog, jogging, doing yoga, etc. You can easily enjoy these in your home and get great results. The best part? No pricey monthly gym membership!

11. Opt for bone-in chicken.
Spend fifteen minutes boiling chicken and removing the bones to get the meat for your soups and casseroles. Not only is it more flavorful, but you will save so much money as opposed to buying boneless/skinless breasts.

12. Download shopping comparison apps.
Before making a big purchase, download one of the many free shopping apps out there that allow you to compare prices. A quick check can help you from spending more than you need to, plus it will tell you the exact store you can find the cheaper product. Google Shopper is a great place to get started.

13. Plan a weekly menu.
Take fifteen minutes to plan a quick weekly menu so that you are not tempted to go grab carry out during the week. Of course it is less expensive to dine at home, and you are more likely to do so if you have a plan in place.

14. Visit a local kid’s consignment shop.
Spend fifteen minutes dropping off clothing to a local kid’s consignment shop. It has never been easier to sell your children’s gently used clothing before. All you need to do is toss it in a bag, give your items and contact info at the desk, and return later for your cash. Or, just visit thredUP here to see what you can snag online + get a FREE $10 credit to use towards your purchases at this link!

15. Opt for a Red Box movie instead of On Demand
Before you are tempted to rent a pricey On Demand flick, spend fifteen minutes and visit your local Red Box instead. You can find free rental codes all over the internet, or spend $1 for your new release rental. Sure On Demand is convenient, but just think you are fifteen minutes away from pocketing that difference instead.

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