20 Ways to Keep a Simple Home With Kids!

How To Clean With Kids – Tackle the Clutter Monsters with these 20 Ways to Keep a Simple Home With Kids!

How To Clean With Kids

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Kids come with this word called “clutter.” It’s not that they collect clutter, their parents do. The more kids you have then the more clutter(y) the home seems to get. When you have a child, or multiple children, it’s important to keep things as simple as possible. Here are 20 ways you can keep your home simple, when you have kids, and hopefully clutter free.

Start Simple

  1. Get rid of shoes you or the kids are no longer wearing. No one needs dozens of pairs of shoes. This should clear up some space in each closet within the house.
  2. If you have not worn something in the closet for more than a year, it’s time to find a new home for it. It can be hard to part with certain items, but once you do it’s like you’re home free from clutter.
  3. Get rid of bigger furniture items that are unnecessary in your home. If you have extra end tables that you aren’t using, then it’s okay to say “bye bye.”
  4. Lots of baskets and tubs are going to be your best friend for as long as you have children at home. These type of organizational items just make life less cluttery and more fun.
  5. Bins are your friends. This is so true! You can keep a simpler home by putting toys and items in bins.
  6. Clear out items on a weekly basis. Families have a reputation for gathering and keeping items. Don’t be afraid to get rid of these items as you wish. Try selling or donating items as you’d like.

Be Consistent

  1. Children love to drag their toys all over the house and mom gets to trip on them (have you ever stepped on a LEGO)? Keep toys in certain parts of the house, and don’t let them drag toys all over).
  2. Try to keep calm as a parent (this will help you have a really simple home). Yelling and screaming only causes more chaos over time. Would you agree? A calmer mom is a calmer family.
  3. Encourage your kids to purge items and get rid of things they no longer need or have outgrown. This is an important skill your children will need to know overtime.
  4. No one is perfect so if there’s a day the children leave the items out of the appropriate spot, don’t go ape over it; just simply ask them to put it back.
  5. Eat up grocery items before going back to the grocery store. Instead of piling up groceries and letting food go bad, encourage your family to eat up what’s there.
  6. Let your kids have some say in dinner some nights of the week, this may help you encourage them to eat different foods (which will help you simplify your pantry).
  7. Having a simple home also starts with simplifying your life. Eliminate unnecessary items on the calendar and even keeping places like your car/van clean.
  8. Make sure everything always has a home. When you start seeing clutter build up throughout the house, it’s time to start putting things back into their homes (Of course, you could also encourage your family to put things back after they are finished with them).

Put things in their proper places

  1. Create a place for bills, school papers, books, and anything else that can end up in weird places.
  2. Put jackets, shoes, and bags on a hook or somewhere else that makes sense in your home.
  3. Teach each child how to clean for their skill level.
  4. Make sure to write important activities on the calendar. Consider making a calendar for the children in your home, so they also know what’s going on.
  5. When it comes to birthdays and other holidays, keep it simple in the toy department.
  6. Keep life simple and your home will be simple. Always revaluate your life and how hectic it is and try to simplify it. You will thank yourself later.

Is there anything you do to keep your home with kids a little more simple? I would love to hear your “simple ways.”