4 Adorable DIY Valentines Day Gifts

4 Adorable DIY Valentines Day Gifts

Need some Vday inspiration? Check out these 4 Adorable DIY Valentines Day Gifts! And, be sure to check out all our other DIY ideas, too!

4 Adorable DIY Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of expectations for some people, and trying to figure out a gift to give can be a challenge. What really counts, though, is the thought you put into it, so try going handmade — your loved one will appreciate your time, effort and thought.

Whether you are looking for a cheap gift or a last minute DIY Valentine’s Day gift, these ideas will be perfect for your sweetheart. Be sure to PIN IT and check out these DIYs below!

  1. Watercolor States

This gift is perfect for couples who are originally from different states (or even different countries)! All you need is a paintbrush, watercolor set, watercolor paper and a Sharpie. You can buy all of these supplies at your local craft store for less than $20, so you won’t be spending more than you budget for!

Just outline the states on your watercolor paper, paint them and write a loving message to your sweetheart. They will love being reminded of their home state — and you — whenever they look at it.

  1. Valentine’s Day Candle

This Valentine’s Day candle is perfect if you’re short on time and cash. For this craft, you can get your supplies almost anywhere, and you may already have some on hand. If you have a printer and paper, you can print a fun label with a cute pun like “I’m hot for you!” Or, “Nothing can hold a candle to your love.”

If you’d rather write your label buy hand, you can buy some brown craft paper or scrapbook paper, and grab a Sharpie to write your note.

This DIY Valentine’s Day craft is an adorable treat your sweetheart will be sure to love.

  1. DIY Painted Mugs

Your supply list for a Valentine’s Day painted mug is pretty short. All you need for this project is a:

  • Pencil
  • Plain, white mug
  • Oil-based permanent marker
  • Oven

All of these materials can be bought at a craft store — minus the oven. It shouldn’t cost more than $10 to make this gift, so your wallet will also thank you. Use your pencil to sketch out the design you want, trace over that design with your marker and bake it. Hint: Here’s another opportunity to go crazy with love puns. Try, “I love you a latte!”

  1. Valentine’s Day Breakfast Kit

If you are reading this the day before Valentine’s Day — or the morning of — this idea is for you. Nothing says “I love you” like breakfast in bed! Your sweetheart will really enjoy this heartfelt token of love.

You can go all out with this gift because all you need is paper, scissors, toothpicks and a printer, and all it will cost is the price of food! You can download your free printables for this breakfast in bed kit and prepare them the night before Valentine’s Day so all you need to do in the morning is make breakfast.

The printables include a placemat, a door hanger, three mini flags, a menu card and a tea bag label. When making the breakfast, use red and pink foods like strawberries or grapefruit to make it extra festive. You could even cook heart-shaped pancakes or heart-shaped bacon!!

What do you think of these DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts? I personally thing that the best Valentine’s Day gifts come straight from the heart, and it can be done without spending a fortune. Go all out with these DIY V-day gifts your sweetheart is sure to love! Be sure to check out these DIY Valentines Day Gifts, too!

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