5 Easy Fundraising Ideas Perfect for Clubs or Schools

Every year schools and clubs participate in a variety of fundraisers. Some are unique, some are stressful, some fail, and some are easy, peasy and work like a charm for those needing to raise quick funds for supplies, scholarship, travel fees, and all other bits of fun.

Today, we’re sharing some of the easy ones that seem to always do the trick. Whether you’re pulling in the cash for club uniforms for soccer or STEM activities for classes, here are 5 easy fundraising ideas for your group to try—from yard sales to car washes.

#1: Bake Sales

Chocolate chip cupcakes at bake sale fundraiser

Bake sales are so much fun. As a group, it becomes a two-for-one activity. One night of baking and bonding turns into an early morning bake sale for the community.

Theme the sales per season or based on your group. Football cookies or Christmas brownies—people will absolutely buy into the festivities. And have supporters pre-order their favorites. There’s nothing that gets the attention of people like food can!

#2: Penny Drives

Spilled jar of pennies for penny drive fundraiser

Grab a bucket and start collecting extra change! There are plenty of ways to go about presenting this idea—from collection jars around local businesses or larger bowls set up at school. And although it seems like “just change,” you’d be surprised at how much you can actually bring to the bank!

#3: Restaurant Partners

Close up of pizza on table for restaurant partnership fundraising idea

Ask around town for local businesses that want to support your club, team, or school. Once implemented, it’s easy on everyone involved. The hard part comes with the contacts. You will have to reach out to restaurants—or even other small businesses—and ask them to donate a portion of their earnings to your cause.

Once the deal is made, supporters run to the local businesses, buy the goods and know their money is going toward sustaining locally as well as helping the kids! This may look like a “Spirit Night” at the local pizzeria—where they decide to donate 10-20% of their proceeds from the night. What’s great about these collaborations, is they form relationships that turn into future support as well.

#4: Yard Sales

Table full of items for yard sale fundraising event

Yard sales are a winning situation for everyone involved. Houses are cleaned out, decluttered, and purged, and it’s so easy to set up and get to selling for the cause!

Grab all parents, helpers, and staff involved, and allow them to take a few days to clean out their extra—everything! Take inventory, organize, and set-up your shop in the front lawn of your school or someone’s home.

Price everything at an easy-going rate and then keep whatever the proceeds are for the group. Pack up everything that doesn’t sell and drop it off at a donation entry of your choice.

#5: Car Washes

Close up of wet red car for car wash fundraising idea

Car washes are a popular way to go as well. The kids can make signs, parents and community members can donate supplies, and then they can all just wait for the cars to pile in.

It’s also a good idea to set up the event so each car can choose how much to donate for their wash. This is a great way to have donations that are a bit more than your typical $5, and it reels in people that want to budget smaller amounts as well.

Want to learn more about raising or saving money? Check out this article on tracking your expenses, or this one on teaching your kids about spending.

Bonus Fundraising Ideas You Should Also Consider


What kind of fundraiser can be run year round, doesn’t require groups of people to collect/gather, can involve students from all grade levels, and can be easily managed by a small team of volunteers? That’s right – a read-a-thon!

Read-a-thon fundraisers are awesome ways to raise funds because they encourage literacy and are “low effort” on the part of the students (and their parents). Plus, you get to select the reading materials and rules associated, so have some fun with it by trying a cool theme!

Learn how to run a read-a-thon and see if it’s a good fit for you!

Online Silent Auctions

Silent auctions sound more complicated than they are. Today, there are programs, websites, and apps that make hosting and managing an auction a super simple thing. It’s harder to sell coupon books than it is to run an online auction today!

Not all online auction websites are equal. Bid Beacon is one we really like because of its simple pay structure and ease of use. If you do use an auction app like Bid Beacon, make sure you look at:

  • How many items you can add to the auction
  • How many users can register (and HOW users register)
  • Bidding terms and timelines
  • Auction lengths and features (can you enable “extended bidding”, for example)