5 Easy Ways To Get (and stay!) Organized

Time Saving Tips

Looking for ways to get things done faster, so you can spend those extra minutes doing something you actually want to? It may seem obvious, but being organized is key to saving time, and money.

If you’re not organized, time is wasted on looking for what it is you need in the first place. Need to return that pricey item still covered under warranty, but can’t remember where you put the receipt? Headed to the store to score an awesome deal, but can’t find your coupons? I’ve been there…Having two kids under the age of three, with my own home-based business, on top of being a military wife (PCS’ing, packing, unpacking, organizing, reorganizing…), has allowed me the opportunity to create shortcuts and a few tips and tricks to save some extra time for more important things, like family.

  1. Get organized. No matter how many piles of “stuff” you have, or how organized you think it is, it needs its own home. Invest in storage containers, like the clear see-though ones. That way, you’ll be able to see what’s in them rather than have to open every single one. For example, all your high school memorabilia. Plus, if your bed is high enough, you’ll be able to store them underneath.
  2. Store your receipts in envelopes rather then the bottom of your purse. Especially the ones for the expensive items. Label them by categories such as “Electronics” “Home Decor” etc., and then store them in a shoebox or accordian folder.
  3. Plan your grocery lists by store sections. For example, make a list of all the “Dairy” items, “Dinner” items, and “Frozen” items etc. That way, you are not going from one end to the next gathering what you need (and don’t need). Even better, literally map out your trip. Ask the manager if you can have a copy of the store map.
  4. Have little ones? Invest in two diaper bags. One for the house, and one especially for the car. That way you’re not a) forgetting the diaper bag, period and b) always prepared for the unexpected. Make sure to include baby wipes to clean up spills or runny noses, and snacks and water for those times that you have a longer than usual wait.
  5. Have a “Life” binder. Store your medical records, kids shot records, marriage license, birth certificates etc. in plastic sheet protectors. Include a sheet for emergency contact numbers, addresses, and birthdays. This will be your go-to binder in a lot of circumstances, so make sure to keep it updated. No more rummaging through desk drawers or old boxes in the garage!

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