5 Recipes Featuring Your Garden Grown Vegetables!

While you are busy harvesting your backyard gardens, we are filling your feeds with the best dishes to use those veggies in. From vivacious, vitamin-filled greens to crisp carrots, these bites are filled with guilt-free deliciousness—enough for the entire family to enjoy and race each other to the kitchen for seconds.

When it comes to fresh veggies, there’s not much to worry about. There are an infinite number of ways to incorporate them into every meal and snack—even the sweet stuff! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, because we’ve already done your homework for you. Here are 5 simple recipes featuring your garden grown vegetables!

Recipe #5: Garden Vegetable Spaghetti

 Garden vegetable spaghetti in bowl on napkin

Via Betty Crocker.

Grab a bit of everything from the garden for this one. Mix up your favs in any way you want—personalizing this dish is easy. Generally, though, a combination of peas, peppers, zucchini, onions, and tomatoes make up this particular combination.

Once you’ve got your veggies, all you need is some olive oil, herbs (from the garden of course), and some parmesan. Add some grilled chicken or shrimp for a dash of protein!

Link: Betty Crocker

Nutrition: 420 Calories | 10g Total Fat | 17g Protein | 70g Total Carbohydrate

Recipe #4: Garden Vegetable & Bean Soup

 Bowl of garden vegetable and bean soup

Via Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.

A heart bowl of soup is just what everyone’s belly needs. The added beans are a nice surprise and it can become the perfect accompaniment for a grilled cheese, too. You can easily add some red beans alongside the cannellini as well!

Link: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Nutrition: Calories 86 | Calories from Fat 2 | Fat 0.2g | Sodium 448mg | Carbohydrates 17g | Fiber 5g | Protein 4g

Recipe #3: Easy Grilled Garden Vegetables

Ceramic bowl of easy grilled garden vegetables with spoon nearby on cutting boardVia Life Made Delicious.

Are you looking for an easy side item? All you need are some readied veggies and a grill to make it happen. Grilled veggies pair well with any protein, as well as sandwiches, and can even go next to a buttery, fully-topped baked potato. Some Italian dressing is the secret ingredient to extra-flavorful bites here.

Link: Life Made Delicious

Nutrition: 80 Calories | 6g Total Fat | 1g Protein | 8g Total Carbs

Recipe #2: Garden Vegetable Beef Skillet

Garden vegetable beef skillet resting on wooden surfaceVia Simply Stacie.

Here’s one of the most delicious (and easiest) weeknight meals around. Good-for-you ingredients, one pan, and a quick prep time makes it one that even our novice chefs can whip up in a pinch. Throw some fresh rolls in the oven to finish off the plate.

Link: Simply Stacie

Nutrition: 383 Calories | 21g Total Fat | 35g Protein | 16g Total Carbs

Recipe #1: Garden Vegetable Lasagna

Slice of garden vegetable lasagna being removed from pan with spatulaVia Recipe Girl.

The best of both worlds—comfort food and nutritious meals—come together to create a family dinner everyone will beg for another plate of. Cheesy, veggie-filled, and satisfying, make sure to serve this up with a crisp salad and a garlic knot or two. Pro tip: You can go with a marina based sauce or alfredo (both work well!).

Link: Recipe Girl

Nutrition: 268 Calories | 8g Total Fat | 18g Protein | 32g Total Carbs

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