5 Stores To Get Amazing Clearance Finds

Clearance is heaven for anyone that loves bargains, has a big family or donates to causes. It gives you all the items you need and want at low prices. Clearance is the best way to shop, but you not all stores are the same. Here are 5 stores that have amazing clearance finds!

5 Stores to get Amazing Clearance Finds



It is number one in my book! They do amazing 50% of clearance price sales 2-3xs a year, the best part is the original price of item counts towards your Mperks! This is the best way to buy clothes, gifts and seasonal items throughout the year. They always have something on clearance and I never buy unless 75% off or more. Only exception is something I really needed and was already going to buy then I would do 50%. Also a good place to buy next sizes up or next year at that seasons clothes.



This store does get to 75% or more on their clearance and it is on so many random items. Like recently $13 hair dye was on clearance for $3! Best buys are usually hair care or medicine. Also if lucky to find seasonal items at 75%-90% off snatch it up! This past winter ended and they had all hats and gloves for $1 and it included Disney ones. Randomly you can even find baby items, feminine hygiene products and more. (Found tampons on clearance for $2 a box for Tampax Pearl)



This store has seasonal and random products getting marked down almost weekly. I usually go here for the toys or makeup. They mark things down all the way to 90%! Just have to snatch it up before someone else. (Good place for gifts). Checking your local store once every two weeks or so is the best bet at catching deals!

Dollar General - Torrington, Connecticut

Dollar General:

The best time for clearance shopping here is when they do a random 50% off all clearance and marked down items. It is where you can get a lot of different things like clothes, shampoo, baby items and more. Now if you get lucky combine it with $5/$25 coupons they have. Deprecate transactions to use many coupons. Best Buy!



This store is amazing for markdowns and clearance. They have markdowns on food and general items that can get really low! I got a $4 bottle of orange juice for $0.15 once! Close outs are hard to spot because they leave them in the aisles, so keep an eye out for white hangtags. Markdowns are in different spots in the store. Look at the outer walls of the store for different stands and look in your meat area for a small section they use for markdown meat!

Look around your local stores to see how their clearance, markdowns and close outs go. Write it down in a notebook when you spot them or get notices about them. Also keep an eye out for how long it takes for items to get marked to a really low price. Happy Hunting!