5 Ways to Save Money on Children’s Dress Clothes!

Shopping for the new school year (or perhaps nice holiday clothes)? Then check out these 5 Ways to Save Money on Children’s Dress Clothes!

5 Ways to Save Money on Children’s Dress Clothes

5 Ways to Save Money on Children’s Dress Clothes

Are you hesitant to spend money on dress clothes for children? Children’s clothing takes such great wear and tear, you might be fearful to invest any real money in it. Yet with spring well on its way, you will soon have weddings, graduations, Easter, and other events you will no doubt need fancier clothing for. Well worry not, as there are plenty of ways to save on children’s dress clothes. Take a peek below at 5 simple ways to save on children’s dress clothes and keep your kiddos looking great for less.

1. Cash in on what you have.

One of the first steps you can take is to go through closets and cash in on what your child can’t wear anymore. Old flower girl dresses, Sunday school clothing, and other formal items can be sold and traded at local consignment shops. Give them a good cleaning, make them look presentable, and see what you can get for them. That’s money you can use on new items! A popular service I use is thredUP.com (use my link HERE for a FREE $10 credit). They have name-brand clothes that are gently used or even brand new with tags for way less than other consignment or department stores! I’m talking GAP and Old Navy starting at $3.99 that’s in great or new condition! And when your kids outgrow their clothes, you can sell them back! It’s a win-win.

2. Swap with friends.

Do your friends have children and are facing the same dilemma? If so, why not organize a swap? Host a gathering where everyone brings their gently used children’s dress clothes. Then, take turns swapping and getting rid of old while gaining new to you pieces.

3. Wait until close to Easter.

Prices on dress clothing will be higher right before Easter than slowly dwindle down. Wait to buy any items you can until the week of Easter, when stores will already be starting to mark it down. This is a great way to get some beautiful dress clothes for less.

4. Revamp what you have.

A simple spring sundress can always be dressed up with a sweater and leggings. You can even sew on simple embellishments such as rosettes found at your local craft stores. They are a great way to add some pop to your clothing for just pennies.

5. Don’t forget those coupons.

Whether shopping online or in store, be sure to check out my retail coupon codes. You can also visit the store’s Facebook page to see if they have any promos going on. And, be sure to sign up for the stores email newsletter. They almost always send out exclusive coupons! This is a simple, easy way to get a percentage off with very little effort. Bonus Tip: You can also sign up for eBates.com here (use this link for a FREE $10 gift card of your choice or $5 credit!) and get cash back for your online purchases!

Follow these tips and you will keep them looking great on a dime! What did you think of these 5 Ways to Save Money on Children’s Dress Clothes? Do you have any tips not mentioned here? If so, leave a comment – I’d love to hear about it!