5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Food

5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Food

Do you own a pet? If so, you may see quite a bit of your monthly budget going towards their food and treat products. It can get quite pricey owning a pet, with food being one of the biggest expenses you will encounter. Well instead of feeling the pinch of food prices, why not find ways to cut them back? You can still buy the food your dog loves while keeping some extra cash in your pocket. Take a look at 5 ways to save on pet food.

5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Food

1. Ask your vet for samples.
Chances are, your vet receives samples each month of pet food products and treats. When you stop in to grab flea medication or a check up, ask if there are any samples available to try. Even if there aren’t, they still might be able to give you some coupons for additional savings.

2. Shop Amazon Pantry (from Amazon.com)
Have you heard about the new Amazon Pantry program? You can go grocery at home in your pajamas and save a ton of money while you’re at it! Not to mention, this is a great place to buy your pet food, treats, and toys! Plus, they usually have promo codes for FREE shipping! This is a fab way to grab those 50 pound bags of pet food and have it delivered, rather than having to do all the heavy lifting yourself! Check it out here and get your free shipping coupon code!

3. Buy in bulk.
Buy the largest bag you can find of your pet’s food as you will surely save. Buying in larger quantities and bulk are a great way to be sure you have plenty on hand while keeping some cash in your pocket. Buy that large bag with a coupon, and you save even more!

4. Feed according to directions.
Refer to the bag for proper feeding directions. Many people tend to over feed their pets which costs you money and threatens their health. Be sure you have measuring cups on hand and use them to measure out the perfect and proper amount.

5. Keep your eyes peeled.
Make sure you check the pet food bag as many pet food companies put peel off coupons directly on the bag. If you don’t see one and miss it, it is like turning away money. Also look for the blinkie machines in the pet aisle that may be giving out coupons.

Bonus Tip!

Write to the company.
Send a quick email or letter to the company asking them if there are any promotions and COUPONS available. Tell them you are a loyal customer and provide your mailing address. Most companies will send you savings via mail or email just for asking. This is the #1 way on how to get FREE product coupons for the items you love (cashiers ask me how I do this all the time and this is exactly what I tell them)!

See how easy it can be to save on pet food? Give these tips a try and keep your pet fed for less. Leave a comment letting us know what you thought of these 5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Food! I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

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