7 Ways To Save Money On Thanksgiving Dinner

7 Ways To Save Money On Thanksgiving Dinner

How To Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner

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Today I’d love to share with you 7 Ways To Save Money On Thanksgiving Dinner. Whether your family does that most traditional turkey or you love to mix it up with a Chinese dinner on a holiday, these seven tips will work for you.

1. Think outside the box.

Thank goodness Thanksgiving only comes once a year, right? Since the traditional holiday meals all come in one large clump, like I mentioned above, save money by considering mixing things up. Meat can be expensive, so try casseroles, or Mexican to go easier on the wallet.

2. Go Potluck Style

Generally you’re with family on the Holidays and there’s nothing worse than spending the whole day (and your whole budget) cooking and baking Thanksgiving dinner. Help lighten the load for every member of the family by offering up a potluck style meal. Depending on how many people will be at your celebration, everyone could spend about $15, rather than one person spending over $100 on the meal.

3. Shop Ahead

When you shop ahead of time you can be more aware of sale prices and what a good price on a particular item really is. The Holidays are an expensive time of the year, so it’s nice to save where you can and the small $1 here and $2 there savings can really add up to… additional stocking stuffers, maybe?

4. Skip the Store Bought Decorations

If you always decorate every year for the holidays it can be tempting to buy new every year. Thankfully we have Pinterest to get our creative juices going. Bring the outdoors in by decorating with the beautiful fall leaves, pine cones and more.

5. Do Something Out of the Ordinary

Maybe spending time together eating isn’t what you family wants to do to spend time together this year afterall. Skip the expensive dinner and instead spend time together volunteering at the church or local homeless shelter.

6. Cook Ahead

Not only does buying ahead save you money on your groceries and ease the blow on your grocery budget, but so will making a double batch of some of the larger and less expensive meals and freezing half of them to serve later. Many recipes call for small amounts of an item where you have to buy the whole can or bottle and you only end up using a little bit for the rest to sit until next year. Use the whole can of cranberries or yams now and simply save half for another dinner yet this month. If you decide to go with the traditional meal, make double of each thing and that way you’ve got meals and side dishes ready for when you’re tight on time during the week. Afterall, time is money, right? And, really, how often do you want to have to cook a turkey?

7. Be Prepared

Haven’t talked you out of straying away from the turkey dinner? I understand, it’s a tradition for a lot of people and in a lot of homes. But, do yourself a favor and don’t end up with unused leftovers. Have a couple of turkey soups, cranberry appetizers, recipes that include stuffing so you’ll be excited to make use of every last bit. There are a ton of yummy recipes and believe me, turkey can blend in in many places.  Stay tuned for my “Turkey Pie” recipe coming up!

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Image Credit: Art by Steve Johnson under Creative Commons License.