About Us

Started by a newly single mom of three little ones, a social media manager, and a foodie-in-training, Thrifty DIY Diva quickly became a destination for busy DIYers and foodies all over the world.

We create new and fun recipes and share frugal living tips to help make others lives easier! The average family spends about $35 for a family of 5 at just one fast food place, which is why we also focus a lot of energy on saving families money. Why pay that much when you can make a meal for less than $10 for 5 people? On Thrifty DIY Diva, you’ll find recipes for that everyone will love for any occasion!

At Thrifty DIY Diva we are here to help. Think of us as a girl’s guide to frugal living. Sharing delicious, frugal recipes and easy DIY tips to help save you money! We are passionate parents so we understand that saving money, managing life and getting things done is hard. Our goal with this site is to help you make faster, smarter and more intelligent decisions and to help you save money. We work with a great group of experts, coaches, chefs and real moms to try provide helpful tips.

Thrifty DIY Diva is part of the A07 Online Media parenting community, a group of niche sites that focus on different challenges that parents face. Check out our other sites and hopefully you can find some more great tips on this journey that is raising children.

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Thrifty DIY Diva Team