10 Best Compact Elliptical Machines For Small Spaces

Welcome to our list of the best compact elliptical machines for small spaces!

Ellipticals are a popular equipment for getting a total body, low-impact workout — however, many ellipticals simply won’t fit in every space because they’re colossal. When it comes to space-saving equipment, compact elliptical machines are a must-have for your home gym or workout room. Having said that, not all of these smaller, more compact elliptical machines are as great as one another. Some sacrifice features in order to shrink down, whereas, others pack every bit of the punch that their larger counterparts do. Fortunately, we’ve read the reviews and scoured the web to carefully curate this list and help you elevate your home workouts!

This list includes:

  •   Under desk ellipticals
  •   Portable elliptical machines 
  •   2-in-1 stair stepper ellipticals

So without further ado, pick out the perfect compact elliptical machine for you!


Best Compact Elliptical Machines For Small Spaces

  1. Sunny Health Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer
  2. Sunny Health Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer

    Move freely and effectively with the Sunny Health Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer. Designed for small spaces, this compact machine offers an incredible Elliptical workout. Easily adjust intensity with a precise micro-controller equipped with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Follow along with your progress with the digital monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse. This machine has been partially pre-assembled to avoid any complicated setup issues, and further stabilize your session with onboard stabilizers for smooth and even movement.

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  3. Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine
  4. Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

    This low-impact machine has all the features of larger models – including a streamlined console that displays time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate – in a surprisingly small size. The 18” stride length is supplemented by 16 levels of variable resistance that lets you adjust the challenge to fit your fitness level. And if you subscribe to the Explore the World service, more than 50 global routes are yours to explore and auto-adjust in real time with your speed. As an added bonus, the machine comes with an integrated media rack and water bottle holder for convenience. So if you’re someone who wants an energetic cardio session but needs something space-friendly for your house, then Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine is perfect for you!

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  5. Compact Strider With Cords
  6. Compact Strider With Cords

    Discover the ultimate in total-body fitness with the Stamina InMotion Compact Strider with Cords. This compact and portable elliptical machine is perfect for those looking to get fit from anywhere. Its extra features make it easier than ever to get in shape – no matter how busy or small your space may be! You can monitor your strides, calories burned, and workout time easily with the display monitor, and receive a personalized audio coaching session that fits your individual goals and needs from müüv, an all-in-one personal fitness app. With adjustable tension levels on the pedals and resistance tubes included for upper body workouts, this is total body efficiency at its finest!

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  7. Stamina Inmotion Elliptical
  8. Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

    This mini strider is a compact, lightweight machine that can fit perfectly into any small space while still providing powerful results. With adjustable tension and a monitor so you can track your stats, it provides a versatile and tailored experience that will help you reach all your fitness goals. This elliptical isn't just portable; it's quiet and unobtrusive as well. You can customize it to use standing or sitting, forward or reverse, ensuring that you get the best possible workout for whatever you're targeting. On top of that, every purchase comes with access to the müüv smart fitness app which offers personalized training provided by certified trainers, a follow-along assembly video, and custom workouts crafted specifically for this product. Put an end to trips to the gym by bringing home the Stamina Inmotion Elliptical today. Improve your health and wellbeing with minimal effort to make each workout as effective as possible.

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  9. Cubii Under Desk Elliptical
  10. Cubii Under Desk Elliptical

    The Cubii Jr1 Under Desk Elliptical is the perfect solution for those looking to get fit while they sit. The compact and ergonomic design makes it a great accessory for small spaces and home offices. This elliptical machine also offers all the same benefits of an outdoor exercise session without ever having to leave your desk. Whether you're getting in some restorative exercises or aiming for more than just day-to-day activity, Cubii has you covered. Enjoy the low impact, ultra smooth experience as you pedal away towards your fitness goals; with built-in LCD display tracker that allows you to monitor your progress in terms of calories burned, strides pedaled and distance traveled. Enjoy the convenience of tracking your physical activity simply by sitting at your desk. The Cubii Jr1 gives you the chance to make sure you stay active as part of your work day - not only can it help improve mobility and strengthen muscles, but also it’s a way for anyone (beginners included!) to enjoy the rewards and health benefits associated with exercise.

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  11. Standing Portable Elliptical Machine
  12. Standing Portable Elliptical Machine

    This machine is the perfect way for you to get an effective, low-impact cardio workout, without taking up a lot of space. The elliptical machine combines a striding motion with a small, convenient footprint - so you can stay in shape from anywhere. This machine also includes an advanced monitor with multiple options to track speed, time, distance, calories burned, and more. Additionally, 8 levels of magnetic resistance will allow you to customize your workout while providing precise control. The adjustable handlebar ensures comfortable and secure balance for any user size. Experience all the benefits of traditional cardio exercise at home with our Standing Portable Elliptical Machine. With its compact design, smooth belt drive, and customizable features, this machine has everything you need for a successful fitness journey!

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  13. Under Desk Elliptical Machine
  14. Under Desk Elliptical Machine

    This unique machine accommodates even the tightest of spaces with its compact design, making it an ideal choice for small apartments or office cubicles. It provides your body with a full workout in one highly versatile appliance – allowing you to target different muscles by moving the pedals forward or backward while you sit stationary at home or work. It also has both Auto Mode (P1-P3) and Manual Modes (with 5-speed levels), giving you the flexibility to adjust difficulty levels as needed. The Under Desk Elliptical Machine is also incredibly quiet, making it perfect for those moments when you want to get some exercise without disturbing those around you. No assembly is required either – just plug in and go! And if portability is a must, this lightweight product won't weigh down your travels – easily move it to any space that needs a little extra gym equipment. Say goodbye to complicated assembly and long trips to overcrowded gyms – the Under Desk Elliptical Machine is here to provide you with total freedom and simultaneous fitness success that feels effortless.

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  15. Stamina Premier Elliptical Trainer
  16. Stamina Premier Elliptical Trainer

    Compact and quiet, we've made our trainer an ideal solution for any home or small office with its space-saving design. The machine offers an efficient way to burn fat, boost the metabolism, strengthen muscle, and improve heart health from the comfort of your own home. With eight levels of smooth and quiet magnetic resistance — adjustable with a simple dial — you can customize your workout intensity for comfortable training at any level. The LCD monitor easily tracks time, speed, calories, distance, and total distance during your workouts which conveniently transfers everything wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth. The included support tray helps keep your smart devices securely within reach while you exercise. And unlocking even better results is easy with the included access to müüv’s Smart Audio Coaching; this award-winning AI audio coaching helps guide you through every session so you have an engaging personal trainer by your side.

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  17. Mini Stair Stepper With Resistance Bands
  18. Mini Stair Stepper With Resistance Bands

    Get fit from the comfort of your own home with the mini stair stepper with resistance bands. This low-impact exercise machine is perfect for small spaces, and its LCD monitor helps you keep track of time, steps, and calories burned. With removable training bands, you can target over 20 different core muscles as you tone your chest, back, and shoulders. You're sure to get a great full-body workout. The hydraulic drive system provides a smooth stepping motion, while the adjustable height knob adjusts the step range for maximum efficiency. Additionally, its wide non-slip pedals guarantee a reliable foothold so you can feel secure while using this machine.

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  19. Body Power 2-in-1 Stair Stepper Elliptical
  20. Body Power 2-in-1 Stair Stepper Elliptical

    This huge powerhouse of a machine is smaller than many typical ellipticals, yet still packs a punch and gets your whole body moving. With its curved crank that applies ever-present tension and its ergonomic design, this machine will be sure to give you the best workout possible in a compact package. Not only does it provide an efficient full body cardio workout, but it also provides resistance training with adjustable resistance levels for HIIT workouts. An LCD screen even lets you track calories burned, time, speed, and distance so you know just how hard you’re working. On top of that, with its alternating oval path and synchronized handlebars plus stepper movement, this 2-in-1 trainer will give you a complete cardio workout without having to purchase multiple machines.

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People Also Ask These Questions About Compact Elliptical Machines

Q: How much weight can a compact elliptical machine support?

  • A compact elliptical machine can typically support around 250-300 pounds, a relatively smaller amount of weight than a full-size elliptical. Even so, double-check the weight limit of a compact elliptical machine before purchasing it to see that it will hold up. 

Q: Do compact ellipticals have the same features as full-size ellipticals?

  • Compact ellipticals normally have fewer features than full-size ellipticals, which is balanced by the fact that they are portable and take up less space. For example, compact ellipticals are often missing adjustable incline, multiple resistance levels, and built-in workout programs. 

Q: Are compact ellipticals more affordable than full-size ellipticals?

  • Compact ellipticals are usually more affordable than full-size ellipticals due to being smaller and possessing fewer features. But the price is affected by model, brand, and many other factors.

Q: What are the dimensions of a compact elliptical machine?

  • The dimensions of a compact elliptical machine largely depend on the particular model and brand. However, compact ellipticals are typically in the range of 55 to 70 inches tall and about 20 to 25 inches wide.