10 Best DIY Easter Basket Ideas For A Happy Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to our list of the best DIY Easter basket ideas for a happy Easter egg hunt!

An Easter egg hunt is an essential activity in any Easter party, and having the perfect Easter baskets for it can make it more enjoyable. DIY-ing your Easter basket has numerous advantages such as budget efficiency, personalizing its design, or allowing creativity flow. The best DIY Easter baskets are those with small details like artificial flowers and miniature animals that match the creative theme of your celebration. Making a one-of-a-kind Easter basket will give you and your loved ones long-lasting memories to keep until next year.

We have compiled our top picks so that you can fill your DIY Easter basket ideas with the perfect gifts and trinkets this Spring!


Best DIY Easter Basket Ideas

  1. Easter Foam Stickers Set
  2. Easter Foam Stickers Set

    This set includes 8 easter foam eggs, 8 easter foam rabbits 8 easter foam chicks, 160 foam stickers of different shapes, styles and colours, 12 color watercolour pens and 50 wiggle googly eyes. Get creative with these DIY accessories to paint or paste on the foam eggs, rabbits and chicks - making them vivid and fun. Made of high-quality EVA foam for maximum safety and protection, it is ideal for use as decorations for your room or Easter party due to its non-toxic materials that are safe to use. Bring smiles this Easter with these DIY Easter crafts!

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  3. Easter Egg Painting Kit
  4. Easter Egg Painting Kit

    This DIY Easter basket idea is a fun and creative way to get your kids involved in the Easter festivities. It includes 24 white eggs, 2 paint strips with 12 colors, 2 glitters, 2 plastic egg trays, 4 paint brushes, a paint palette, 24 hanging ropes and much more! Kids can create tons of color combinations on their eggs with the paint strips and have a lot of fun with the glitter and colorful decorations. These DIY Easter baskets perfect for DIY hand paintings and making Easter decorations that you can use to decorate your home. Plus, it's an excellent way to keep children away from electronic devices so you can spend quality family time together before celebrating the holiday.

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  5. Squishy Paint Your Own Bunny
  6. Squishy Paint Your Own Bunny

    The DIY Easter Basket Squishies Jumbo Kit is an award-winning toy and the perfect DIY Easter basket stuffing. It comes with specially curated fabric paint in teal, pink and white, a brush, and a large squishy bunny in a mug. Plus, it includes a color mixing chart so your kiddos can experiment with different hues. Not only is this DIY kit lots of fun but it guarantees high quality slow rising squishies that are 10 seconds compared to others at 2 seconds – but they also have that perfect squeezable scent! Your tween or teen will love it! Perfect for DIY sensory play indoors or outdoors!

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  7. Shredded Paper Basket Grass
  8. Shredded Paper Basket Grass

    This Easter Basket Grass comes in three convenient bags of 40 g/ 1.4oz each, this craft shred paper provides plenty of material to make DIY party favor boxes, or create unique centerpieces and decorations. Not only that, but its vibrant white color helps express the joy and vigor of the Easter event!

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  9. DIY Journal Kit
  10. DIY Journal Kit

    From pre-printed pages to trendy shapes, tape, frames, gems, glitter frames, stickers, and even a bonus faux suede tassel - this set comes with all the essential stationery supplies to make your dreams come true. With over 35+ stationery supplies included in the kit everyone will be sure to keep track of their everyday activities while adding a unique twist.

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  11. Easter Crafts For Kids
  12. Easter Crafts For Kids

    This innovative and interactive Easter Scratch Arts & Crafts set has everything you need to create uniquely designed ornaments for your DIY Easter basket idea—48 shapes, 24 scratching tools and 48 colored ribbons for hanging. Arts & Crafts are an ideal rainy-day activity for kid's groups with great benefits such as hand-eye coordination practice and a boost in creativity, fine motor skills, pretend play, self-confidence and more. Gift the perfect DIY surprise to the little artist in your life this Easter Season!

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  13. Empty Easter Baskets
  14. Empty Easter Baskets

    This perfect gift basket set comes with six plastic rattan baskets, each one hand-crafted with care to look stylish yet classic - perfect for any occasion. Each basket also comes complete with its own golden bow, adding a touch of special sparkle any recipient would appreciate.

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  15. Elmer’s Assorted Slime Kit
  16. Elmer’s Assorted Slime Kit

    DIY Easter baskets just got a lot more exciting with Elmer’s Slime Activators! With the Activators, it is no longer necessary to use contact lens solution and baking soda to make slime. In addition, the Kit includes 1 bottle each of Cosmic Glue, Teal Metallic Glue, Yellow Glow in the Dark Glue, Blue Glitter Glue, Cherry Limeade Scented Slime Activator, Confetti Slime Activator, Fluffy Slime Activator, Butter Slime Activator and Fruity Slushie premade slime – giving DIYers all the supplies they need to create a variety of slimes. Plus, with the Safe and Non-Toxic formulas you can trust that those slimes won’t harm your little ones while they play.

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  17. Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet
  18. Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet

    The DIY Easter basket idea of this amazing wooden magnet set is perfect for your kids to express their creativity! It includes 26 pieces of wooden magnets, 2 sets of color paints, 4 brushes and 2 glitter decorations - everything your kids need to create their own painting masterpiece. They can even involve their friends and have a fun time designing their own custom wooden magnets. The water-based non-toxic painting ensures your children’s safety as they create art, while the BPA free natural wood guarantees durability.

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  19. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit
  20. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

    This DIY set includes everything needed to create up to 15 stylish and well-woven bracelets in 10 different knot styles, all using the provided movable pegs to keep your threads separated and organized. Choose from 33 colorful pegs, 15 bracelet threads, 15 sturdy elastics,, 15 cartoon buckles, and 18 fashion pattern stickers to jazz up your DIY look. An instructional guide is included for easy-to-follow directions that allow DIYers of any skill level have success with this creative project! The best part? Everything comes packed in a beautiful box which makes it an awesome gift idea for anyone on your list.

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People Also Ask These Questions About DIY Easter Baskets

Q: What are some good DIY Easter basket ideas?

  • Whether you want to go for a traditional look or give it a modern twist, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. You could start with a classic wicker basket and add some vibrant seasonal colors with creative decorations like pom-poms, ribbons, and sprigs of flowers. You could even opt for an unconventional container like a large mason jar and fill it up with delicious treats like chocolates, marshmallows, and candy eggs. For the finishing touch, why not write each family member’s name on pretty eggshells embellished with glitter? With these options at hand, your DIY Easter basket will definitely stand out this spring season!

Q: How much should I spend on an Easter basket?

  • While how much money you ultimately spend on an Easter basket is a personal decision, there are certainly tips to ensure that cost does not become a burden. If your budget is tight, consider shopping for items at secondhand stores or discount grocery stores for lower prices. You could also think about making homemade gifts for the basket rather than store-bought items. Furthermore, if putting together different pieces of the basket is too time-consuming, look for affordable pre-made baskets which can often include widely available candies and treats found at most convenient stores. However you decide to build the basket, taking into account things such as budget and time will help make creating the perfect Easter Basket hassle-free and fun with plenty of smiles!

Q: What are some popular DIY Easter basket ideas?

  • For little ones, try making an educational-themed basket filled with engaging activities like coloring books and puzzles. Kids will love it! For adults, there are endless possibilities: if you know someone who loves cookbooks, perhaps create a culinary-themed basket full of favorite spices and snacks. Bring back memories with a throwback theme – fill a basket with classic candies like Pop Rocks or Fun Dip to create nostalgia. Whatever the age or interest, you can make any regular gift basket more special with homemade touches like decorative tags and hand-painted signs.