Best Essential Oils For Dealing with Pet Odors

Anyone with a pet knows that they come with the potential for some serious odor issues. Having a dog, cat, bird, or even hamster can result in scents that aren’t the friendliest in and around the house (or even the car!). From potty issues to wet dog smell, wood chips in a cage, and even the food we give them in the evenings, many pet-related smells aren’t pleasant—in fact, they can even be downright nasty. So, what can you do about it?

Certain essential oils can balance, absorb, and cover up these smells. Below, you’ll find a quick list of the best essential oils for dealing with pet odors and stopping them before they become too overwhelming. Whether you use a spray bottle or a diffuser to evenly disperse these oils throughout the air in your home, the options below will provide you with a welcome way to combat pet-stink.

Safety Tips & Tricks: 

  • Never put these oils directly on your pets, and never allow your pets to ingest the oils. 
  • Essential oils have the potential to become an irritant for both the skin as well as the airways—so ensure that you are only using safe essential oils for your pets before you decide on their use.
  •  It doesn’t matter if you choose to mix with water and spray down their bedding or diffuse the oils; some of them just need to be avoided! A proper search will give you peace of mind. Just like chocolate, not everything good for humans is good for our furry friends!
  • It is always good practice to dilute your essential oils before placing them on surfaces, including linens, and when diffusing. 
  • We suggest ensuring that your mixture is up and away from the possibility of your animals getting to them—this includes your active diffuser while it’s in use.

Essential oils next to orange flowers

#1: Chamomile

All essential oils are helpful for absorbing odor, but what’s particularly nice about chamomile is that it’s safe for our most popular domestic, furry friends—both cats and dogs. It’s also helpful for anxiety and sleep. So, when you’re diffusing to rid your home of the odors, you’ll also be helping the family and the furballs relax and rest.

#2: Lavender

One of the most popular scents and essential oils is lavender. Soft and relaxing, it’s floral in flavor and one of the best at masking even the worst smells with its potency—which is probably why it’s used in deodorants and perfumes so much!

Lavender includes antibacterial agents as well, which will help break down odor-causing bacteria in the air and on fabrics. This is the perfect remedy for dog beds, fabric furniture, and other linens that may need a sprucing.

#3: Rose

Neutralize the stink with one of the most beautiful, natural scents in all the land: rose! This is one of the more refreshing of choices, and it also has its own antibacterial and antifungal agents, which helps even more with cleaning and revitalizing the air. There’s also the bonus that diffusing rose oil can help to fight against viruses.

If you’d rather this be a direct hit to the linens, go ahead and dilute some of this oil in water and use it in a spray bottle. Go around and shock some of the most “fragrant” of your spaces.

#4: Jasmine

Did you know the scent of jasmine is actually a mood booster? We love finding safe essential oil options that not only smell incredible but provide 2 (or more)-for-1 benefits. Not only are you kicking out the odors you hate, but you’re reaping even more of the good by utilizing these natural remedies.

#5: Ginger

And finally, there’s ginger essential oil, which you may not have heard about nearly as much as its predecessors. With its warm and spicy scent, you’ll love wafting this fragrance over wet dog or dirty kitty litter any day of the week!

Not to mention, ginger is known to fight off tummy aches, improve mood, and enhance sleep quality too.