9 Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

Welcome to our list of the best gifts for 12-year-old boys!

At this age, boys are often really stepping into or at least trying to find an identity. It’s an exciting time, full of new experiences, some awkwardness, and a whole lot of hormones. When you’re on the lookout for a gift for a tween boy, it’s smart to deeply consider their personal interests and hobbies so that whatever you get them aligns with who they are becoming. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up an abundance of 12-year-old boy gifts to give you some great ideas!

This list includes:

  • STEM gifts for 12-year-old boys
  • Tech gifts for 12-year-old boys
  • Outdoor activity gifts for 12-year-old boys

So without further ado, go through this carefully curated selection and pick out the perfect gift for your twelve-year-old boy!


Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

  1. Super Gross Chemistry Set
  2. Super Gross Chemistry Set

    Calling all daring science adventurers looking for an outrageous experience of oozing, slimy fun - the Super Gross Chemistry Set has arrived! Have you ever wanted to use your scientific skills to play with giant goggles and make your own brightly glowing worms? Or are you eager to construct a cartoon-like volcano that erupts test tube vomit instead of lava? Get ready for the marvelously insane sensory overload that awaits! Specifically designed for children aged 12 plus, this kooky chemistry set offers 15 awesomely gross experiences, in addition to 30 extra experiments that can be conducted using household materials. Each one builds upon basic science concepts such as combining solids with liquids and creating reactions between substances. The experiment guide provides easy-to-follow instructions complete with illustrations, so young minds can easily understand the wacky experiments. Beyond offering an unforgettable experience, these experiments help kids learn more about the intriguing properties of different elements while they have a wild time.

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  3. Hand-operated Drone
  4. Hand-operated Drone

    This ultimate indoor hovering drone is the perfect way for your kids to experience a safe, obstacle-avoiding flight. With this UFO-like toy, your family and friends can enjoy modern catch and "hamburger style" catch, thanks to its built-in motion sensors that automatically help propel its journey. Not only that, but it's also designed with a webbed shell that keeps both hands, walls and furniture safe from harm’s way. Its vibrant LED lights make every flight an amazing light show!

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  5. DIY Robot Building Kit
  6. DIY Robot Building Kit

    Your kid is ready to become a robotic engineer! With our DIY Robot Building Kit, they can lend their creative thinking, their problem-solving skills, and their imaginations to the task of constructing 12 different robots that move on land or water. The simple instructions make it easy for younger children to create entry level robots, but with two levels of difficulty in each kit, even older kids can challenge themselves with advanced robotics. This is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of robotics – no batteries required thanks to the sustainable solar power panel that collects energy from sunlight and converts it into a driving force for your little engineers’ creations. With the DIY Robot Building Kit, your child will learn how to use renewable energy sources while receiving an exciting educational experience that enriches their knowledge – what more could you ask for?

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  7. Gravity Maze
  8. Gravity Maze

    Gravity Maze by ThinkFun is the perfect addition to any family game night. An engineering and building toy with 60 challenges, it's ideal for kids age 8 and up who want to spark their creative genius while having a blast. Building on spatial reasoning and planning abilities, Gravity Maze provides hours of entertaining problem solving! If your kids love puzzles and want to take STEM learning to the next level, then the Gravity Maze is the right move for your kiddo. The unique maze-style logic game contains nine towers that can be configured in a variety of ways according to each challenge card included in the set. Working through the cards helps individuals develop concentrated focus, strategy skills – all from playing a fun game!

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  9. Mega Fossil Dig Kit
  10. Mega Fossil Dig Kit

    Introduce your little scientist to the incredible world of paleontology with the Mega Fossil Dig Kit! Kids can dig and uncover genuine fossils that are millions of years old, from dinosaurs and sharks to brachiopods and ammonites. With a 16 page full color learning guide, your child will marvel at all the fascinating facts about these historic specimens. Not only is this a super fun STEM activity for kids but it’s also educational, helping young minds develop a lifelong love of learning. With its own chisel, brush and magnifying glass, young archaeologists can excavate these ancient fossils like real pros! Get ready for hours of educational fun - this makes an excellent gift for any 12 year old boy!

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  11. Science Magic Kit
  12. Science Magic Kit

    With the Science Magic Kit, kids will explore 10 unique experiments that will spark their imaginations and leave their friends in awe. From making a coin float to transforming the color of water - these mind-blowing experiments invite discovery and creativity. Included is a special wand plus white gloves for dressing up like a real magician as they show off their completed tricks for family and friends. To provide added insight into the science behind each experiment, they’ve even included an easy-to-follow illustrated guide with kid-friendly instructions and fascinating facts.

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  13. Kids Waterproof Camera
  14. Kids Waterproof Camera

    With 5.0 mega pixels and 1080P HD IPS Screen, this camera ensures the highest quality of photos and videos. The 28 Frames and 6 Filters present him with a variety of options to explore his passion for photography in fun and creative ways. And best of all, this underwater case can provide excellent protection to your child's camera while swimming, surfing or diving! Up to 98 feet deep into the water, this waterproof case will ensure that no harm ever comes to the camera. An important tip: Do not open the waterproof case when underwater. With its improved clarity and usability, surprise your little one with a superb outdoor experience and help hone his skills as a budding photographer.

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  15. Guess in 10 Superhero Trivia
  16. Guess in 10 Superhero Trivia

    Prepare for an epic battle of wits with Guess in 10 Superhero Trivia! This thrilling game gives Marvel fans the chance to flex their superpowers as they play head-to-head guessing their way through questions about the Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and more. Gather teams or go one-on-one and ask up to 10 questions to guess the characters on a Game Card – first one to win 7 cards is victorious! Plus, use strategic Clue Cards and Bonus Questions to increase your chances of winning it all. Perfectly designed for 12 year old boys, the set comes with 52 Game Cards, 6 Clue Cards, and a handy card holder so you can take it along wherever you go. With Guess In 10 Superhero Trivia, ignite your inner superhero and enjoy hours of epic fun.

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  17. Laser Tag Set
  18. Laser Tag Set

    Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, this set will bring tons of excitement and entertainment. This durable set of laser guns are easy to operate with just two batteries, so all your 12-year-old boy needs to do is form a team, switch it on shooting mode and get playing. The laser guns have an effective range of 130ft, so they can even move around beyond their own backyard! This game helps kids put down electronic devices and encourages teamwork, thinking skills and physical activity. Plus, with its strong vibration capabilities, your young one will have an unforgettable experience.

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People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For 12-Year-Old Boys

Q: What are some good gifts for 12-year-old boys?

  • There are a number of good gifts for 12-year-old boys. Consider getting them a video game or gaming console, a sports ball or other sports equipment, a board game, a book or graphic novel, a model kit, a musical instrument, an electronic device, or a gift card.

Q: What are some affordable gifts for 12-year-old boys?

  • Some affordable gifts for 12-year-old boys include arts and crafts supplies, online subscriptions to a service related to their hobbies or interests, or an interesting book you know they would enjoy. Of course, there are other options. The critical point here is to buy them something that is affordable but also aligns with their interests.

Q: What are some good DIY gifts for 12-year-old boys?

  • DIY gifts for 12-year-old boys can range from making a homemade music mix or a homemade coupon book to a piece of artwork or a homemade board game. You could even buy the materials to make the DIY gift and show them how to put it together if your twelve-year-old boy is the hands-on type.