10 Best Lawn Mowers and Trimmers For A Perfect Yard

Welcome to our list of the best lawn mowers and trimmers for a perfect yard!

Mowing the lawn can be a bit of a drag and is one of those necessary tasks that we all wish was avoidable. But as a homeowner, sometimes you gotta break out the New Balances and get to cutting the grass. On the other hand, perhaps you’re someone who takes immense pride in lawn care. If so, a basic lawn mower may not be enough to satisfy your desire for the perfect front and backyard, which is why we’ve rounded up the ultimate curation of lawn mower and trimmer combos on this side of the world wide web.        

This list includes:

  • Lawn mower and weed eater combos
  • 3-in-1 lawn mowers
  • Cordless mower trimmer combos

And much more!

So without further ado, pick out the best lawn mower and trimmer for a perfect yard!


The Best Lawn Mowers and Trimmers

  1. LawnMaster Mower Trimmer Combo
  2. LawnMaster Mower Trimmer Combo

    Say goodbye to laborious lawn care maintenance with the LawnMaster Mower Trimmer Combo! Powered by 24V Max* batteries, you'll experience speedy mowing and trimming of your grassy outdoor areas like never before. The 13-inch mower features a rust-resistant deck and offers 5 cutting heights for an elevated look. Plus, its 5.51 inch front and rear wheels make maneuvering easy peasy. With the 10-inch Grass Trimmer, every detail is covered in precision as it provides a 0.065” dual-line auto-feed trimmer head with performance speeds of up to 9200 RPM. And, the pivoting assist handle helps you reach those hard to get areas with ease for those perfectly manicured finishing touches. This kit includes 24V Max* Mower, 24V Max* Grass Trimmer, (2) 24V Max* 4.0Ah batteries and charger to keep you ever ready for action! Hurry up and add this LawnMaster Mower Trimmer Combo to your cart today!

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  3. Black+Decker Cordless 3-in-1 Lawn Mower
  4. Black+Decker Cordless 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

    This revolutionary device gives you the convenience of three garden tools in one. Easily convert between a mower, trimmer, and edger to keep your outdoor space immaculate all summer long. Plus, you won’t have to worry about bumping or stopping - the Automatic Feed System (AFS) ensures continuous work with no hassles. The Power Drive Transmission prevents bogging down so that even the toughest patches of grass get cut fast and accurately – ideal for a medium sized property measuring up to 750 square feet. And with two included batteries for extended run time, it will be done before you know it! You can also adjust the cutting heights from 1.6 to 2.4 inches, and the height deck and trimmer and pivoting handle add extra versatility so that no matter how steep your inclined edges are, the job gets done without interruption or stress. And with 60 percent full charge within just 2.5 hours – cuts down on your wait time too. So get ready for lush lawns all year long thanks to Black+Decker’s Cordless 3-in-1 Lawn Mower. Save time, money, and energy with this durable top quality device designed specifically to meet your gardening needs.

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  5. Greenworks Mower Blower Trimmer Combo Kit
  6. Greenworks Mower Blower Trimmer Combo Kit

    Get ready to revolutionize your lawn care with the Greenworks Mower Blower Trimmer Combo Kit! This powerful set of tools will make taking care of your outdoor spaces a breeze, letting you spend more time enjoying them. The mower and trimmer feature an astonishing 45 minutes runtime with fully-charged 4.0 Ah batteries - so you can get the job done faster than ever before! You’ll never have to worry about grass height again thanks to the single lever 5-position height adjustment that offers maximum control. Get creative with 2-in-1 mowing - choose between bagging or mulching materials as needed for various uses. Even better, the blower throws out 350 CFM air flow and 100 MPH air speed - perfect for quickly and effortlessly clearing up driveways, patios and lawns!

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  7. Black+Decker 3-in-1 Corded Mower Trimmer Combo
  8. Black+Decker 3-in-1 Corded Mower Trimmer Combo

    Get your lawn in shape once and for all with the Black+Decker 3-in-1 Corded Mower Trimmer Combo! This incredible tool is perfect for keeping your lawn looking its best, featuring an electric lawn mower, trimmer, and edger all in one compact machine. The lightweight design at only 9.9 pounds and adjustable handle and height positions make this easy to maneuver without compromising control. It's built to last with its automatic feed spool capability feeding more cable without stopping or bumping. This powerful tool is designed with a 12-inch cutting width and 1.6 inch cutting height making it perfect for smaller yards while the 8,000 RPM makes quick work of any size job. With gasless corded power you don't have to worry about needing fuel or constantly running out so you can enjoy an unlimited runtime with a built-in cord retention system to ensure your tool won't disconnect accidentally. With the Black+Decker 3-in-1 Corded Mower Trimmer Combo you'll have great power over your outdoor jobs with features that won't let you down.

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  9. Greenworks Cordless Mower Trimmer Combo
  10. Greenworks Cordless Mower Trimmer Combo

    Take backyard design to the next level with the Greenworks Cordless Mower Trimmer Combo! This set is your one-stop shop for everything you need to create and maintain the outdoor space of your dreams. The cordless lawn mower makes easy work of lawn-grooming jobs great and small. With its 2 x 24V batteries and up to 45 minutes of run-time per charge, you’ll be able to finish your trimming session quickly and efficiently. The 17-inch poly deck is perfect for smaller homes or townhouses, while its push button start lets you get right into the action without delay. And, thanks to its 6 position height adjustment, you can easily tailor your lawn's look to match whatever style works best for your unique tastes. You won’t have any trouble taming wild grass and weeds either, not with our string trimmer in tow! Its TORQDRIVE motor packs 30% torque that gives it enough power to tackle even the toughest terrain. Additionally, its 10” cutting path and 0.065” auto feed head make quick work of long yards, ensuring that come rain or shine your yard will always look pristine. So say goodbye to heavy equipment upkeep — with this Greenworks Cordless Mower Trimmer Combo maintenance free lawn care has never been easier!

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  11. Worx Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo
  12. Worx Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

    Tired of toiling over your lawn? Never again! With the Worx Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo, you can get your lawn mowing and trimming taken care of quickly and with ease. This powerful combo includes (2) 20V 2.0Ah Li-Ion batteries that provides extended run-time and features a 12" 20V Li-Ion cordless grass trimmer/edger WG162, as well as a Turbine Cordless Blower WG547. Best of all, the trimmer easily converts to an edger or mini-mower in just seconds. On top of that, the blower is compact, lightweight, and produces up to 360cfm of air volume so you can tackle any job. Finally, this powerhouse tool is part of the WORX Power Share family so you can share batteries and save money on future purchases. Get ready for summer now with the Worx Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo!

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  13. Greenworks Cordless 3-in-1 Combo
  14. Greenworks Cordless 3-in-1 Combo

    Combining a reliable, long-lasting mower with a powerful trimmer/blower, this innovative combo is sure to make all of your lawn care dreams come true. The 40V brushless mower provides up to 60 minutes of runtime with a fully charged 5Ah battery so you can tackle even larger yards with ease. And since it has a durable 21" steel deck and brushless motor, you won't have to worry about making multiple trips back and forth from the garage. Additionally, the 3-in-1 design allows you to mulch, rear bag, or side discharge your grass clippings – providing you with maximum versatility. With its innovative dual battery port design and vertical storage feature, this cordless combo takes up 70% less space in your garage than traditional sets. So don't delay – get the Greenworks Cordless 3-in-1 Combo today and complete all of your lawn chores in record time!

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  15. PowerSmart Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo
  16. PowerSmart Cordless Trimmer Blower Combo

    With this lightweight yet powerful tool, you can tackle even the toughest outdoor jobs with ease. This combo kit features a 20V lithium ion cordless string trimmer and blower, with an incredible 1.5AH super battery capacity that gives you an impressive 4 hour run time, just 1 hour of charging time all while weighing only 6.2 pounds. The string trimmer is designed to make your life easier with its 10 inch cutting diameter and features an Automatic Feed Spool so you won't have to bump in order to keep trimming! The blower also packs power, providing a 20voltage with maximum rotation speed of 117MPH and 18kwh no-load speed! Both tools are ideal for any outdoor job - from cleaning leaves and dust pipes to prepping your sidewalk for the winter snow.

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  17. Ego Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower
  18. Ego Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower

    This revolutionary lawn mower and trimmer is powered with a powerful 56V ARC Lithium battery, allowing up to 45 minutes of continuous run time on a single charge. With its 6-position cutting height adjustments ranging from 1.5” - 4”, customize your outdoor space to look exactly how you want it. And with its 3-in-1 features – mulching, bagging and side discharge – clean up has never been easier! Get started quickly and easily by just pushing the start button – no more fussing with cords and extension cords. And with its 21" deck, it's perfect for any sized yard and can tackle even the toughest of jobs.

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  19. Makita Lawn Mower Kit
  20. Makita Lawn Mower Kit

    The Makita Lawn Mower Kit is the perfect way to tackle the toughest lawn care needs with ease. With no gas, emissions, oil mixing or pull starts — and reduced maintenance and noise levels — this product offers a simple, efficient solution for giving your outdoor spaces a beautiful, manicured look with minimal effort. The 19" Commercial-grade steel deck means you can clip more grass in less time with four 18V LXT 4.0Ah batteries capable of cutting up to 1/3 acre in only 43 minutes! The BL Brushless motor delivers up to 3,300 RPM for precise and reliable trimming performance, while quiet mode brings noise levels down by providing constant speed control at 2,500 RPM. And the adjustable cutting height range lets you adjust from 13/16" to 3" to customize your yard area exactly how you want it!

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People Also Ask These Questions About Lawn Mowers and Trimmers

Q: What are the best lawn mowers and trimmers?

  • The best lawn mowers and trimmers is somewhat subjective; however, certain mower trimmer combos are better relative to the size of your lawn, personal preferences, and your budget. Be sure to check reviews before purchasing to see what customers are saying about the lawn care product you are considering. 

Q: How much should I spend on a combo lawn mower and trimmer?

  • The cost of a combo lawn mower trimmer combo varies depending on both the quality and features of the product. Generally, you can expect prices to range from $100 to $1000 or more. 

Q: What features should I look for in a lawn mower and trimmer combo?

  • Ideally, the features you should look for in a lawn mower trimmer combo are cutting width, cutting height, runtime, weight, ease of use, and durability.