10 Best Maternity Leggings For Day-to-Day Wear

Welcome to our list of the best maternity leggings for day-to-day wear!

Pregnancy is a notoriously challenging and uncomfortable period even with the feeling of impending joy for the beautiful chapters ahead. Sore legs and feet, headaches, cramps — you know it — chances are that the mom-to-be is going through it. 

To make the pregnancy journey smoother, we’ve rounded up the best maternity leggings so that you or any expecting mother or mama bear in general can wear them for yoga, grocery shopping, running, pilates, and more!        

This list includes:

  • Maternity workout leggings
  • Over the belly maternity pants
  • Sculpting maternity leggings

So without further ado, pick out the perfect maternity leggings for everyday and every occasion!


The Best Maternity Leggings

  1. Casual Maternity Leggings
  2. Casual Maternity Leggings

    Are you a pregnant woman searching for the perfect stylish leggings to accommodate your changing body? These high-quality maternity leggings are the perfect choice to provide soft, stretchy comfort and free movement all year round. With the premium polyester spandex they’re crafted from, these cozy trousers won’t restrict you in any way – so much so that you’ll want to wear them every day! Additionally, with practical support features that ease discomfort, give compression and support both your back and abdomen, naturally lifting your growing belly in comfort and style; these maternity leggings will become your new go-to companion through each trimester. Perfect for all occasions, the Casual Maternity Leggings promise that fashionable look while guaranteeing you total discretion thanks to their supportive design. So treat yourself with this all-inclusive package fashion and support, offered exclusively by The Legging Depot!

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  3. Poshdivah Maternity Workout Leggings
  4. Poshdivah Maternity Workout Leggings

    Welcome to Poshdivah maternity workout leggings, the perfect choice for any soon-to-be mother. Crafted with care and attention, our leggings are designed with health and happiness in mind. Our legging is dyed with non-toxic dyes, which provides assurance that your skin will be safe from exposure to harmful substances. It is also squat proof and non-see through as well as tear resistant so you can feel comfortable wearing them during your workouts. The 4-way stretch microfiber allows for ease of movement and the added moisture wicking technology ensures you stay fresh even during intensive activities. Additionally, it reduces irritation and eliminates chafing caused by swelling of the belly due to pregnancy. Not only are these leggings crafted with comfort, but we have added other thoughtful features as well. The leggings come with two pockets on each side, allowing you to store necessary items such as phones or cards so that you always have them accessible when needed; this way you can spend more time caring for your child than worrying about your belongings. An additional feature - the 3D cutting full panel coverage design - firmly supports your belly without excessive pressure being concentrated on one point in particular; plus its high waist design provides maximum security along with a great feeling of comfort as your body continues to grow throughout the pregnancy journey. Overall, Poshdivah maternity workout leggings are a sensible choice for every mom-to-be seeking quality clothing that combines durable durability and superlative comfort.

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  5. Maternity Activewear Workout Leggings
  6. Maternity Activewear Workout Leggings

    Made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex, these maternity leggings are comfortable, soft, stretchy, and skin-friendly. You can wear them on any occasion and during any season – they adapt and move with your body allowing you to enjoy the activities of pregnancy in comfort. The high waist design provides support around the belly area while ensuring that your growing bump remains safe. Go ahead and hit the gym or lounge all day; these leggings are sure to give you a new comfortable experience throughout your pregnancy. With HOFISH’s Maternity Activewear Workout Leggings, you can look great while staying healthy!

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  7. Pregnology Maternity Leggings
  8. Pregnology Maternity Leggings

    These signature high-rise capris will keep your belly, thighs, and butt looking smooth while still accommodating any size changes throughout your pregnancy. Plus, with the special seamless elastic smooth pouch, your body can effortlessly expand while still supporting you with its superior stretchy support band. It’s soft material provides a luxe-athletic look that will give you the freedom to move around in comfy style. Finally, don’t forget that because of its built-in support panel, these leggings stay up snug against your tummy allowing you to feel at ease throughout the entire day.

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  9. Buttergene Women’s Maternity Leggings
  10. Buttergene Women’s Maternity Leggings

    Made of silky-soft fabric that moves with you, these leggings provide the soft support you need without the tight squeeze. Additionally, they are suitable for all seasons—keeping you cool and comfortable during the warmest days and covered during chilly ones. Buttergene Women’s Maternity Leggings aren’t just cushy in comfort—they’re also incredibly durable! That's because they're 4-way stretch, squat proof, and non see-through with exquisite sewing and tear resistance. And to top it off, specialized moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you dry throughout anything pregnancy throws your way. Not to mention, ample room at the high waist design allows plenty of growth for your changing body. So why wait? Get the best maternity legging experience today with Buttergene Women's Maternity Leggings!

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  11. Enerful Maternity Workout Leggings
  12. Enerful Maternity Workout Leggings

    Enerful Maternity Workout Leggings are perfect for the mom-on-the-go! The buttery soft and stretchy material offers gentle compression as you move, providing maximum comfort. Don't worry about transparency - these leggings are lightweight, but never see-through. The signature high waist full panel provides a secure fit while also growing with your bump. The unique lines flatter your shape, showing off your figure like never before! With Enerful Maternity Workout Leggings, you can have all the confidence and comfort of excellent quality fabric at an affordable price. So don't wait - get yourself the workout wear that can do it all!

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  13. Bump Start Motherhood Maternity Leggings
  14. Bump Start Motherhood Maternity Leggings

    Make your maternity journey extra comfortable with the Bump Start Motherhood Maternity Leggings! These super soft and stretchy full-length leggings feature a crisscross mid-belly elastic band that will mold to fit your adorable pregnancy curve. Perfect for casual days at home, or dress them up with a tunic top for an evening out – they'll look good no matter what the occasion. And don't worry, even after Baby arrives, these leggings will still have you covered – their self-encased waistband provides just enough stretch to grow with your bump during pregnancy and keep you comfy afterwards! So get ready to experience a cozy and flattering fit – right when you need it most. Hurry and click on the Motherhood Maternity logo today to purchase your own Bump Start Motherhood Maternity Leggings!

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  15. Maternity Over The Belly Pants
  16. Maternity Over The Belly Pants

    This innovative maternity clothing line is the perfect combination of trend and function – designed with a distinctive U-shape belly panel, high waistband, snug fit hip and thigh as well as more ease around the calf for a Streamlined Silhouette and Slender Look. The high-quality yoga pants are made from buttery-soft, non-see through fabric that allows for ultimate freedom of movement without any unwanted slipping or sliding. These comfortable leggings use four way stretch technology to wrap your body in an already secure hug while giving you just the right compression level so that they don't feel too tight, but still provide a slimming look. Whether you’re attending yoga classes, running errands or looking for some downtime lounging around at home, these pants are perfect for anyone needing comfort and convenience in maternity wear. So why settle when it comes to finding the best maternity leggings on the market? With Maternity Over The Belly Pants, expectant mothers don’t have to sacrifice fashion or performance – be inspired by this stunning combination of one of a kind design and exceptional quality.

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  17. Over The Belly Leggings With Pockets
  18. Over The Belly Leggings With Pockets

    Whether you are on the go or simply at home relaxing, these leggings have you covered! The leggings offer 360° stretch power magic, excellent shape retention, and free movement. Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, they perfectly hug your body while still leaving room for your growing tummy. These maternity active leggings feature a high waisted with over-the-belly waistband which makes them ideal throughout all nine months and beyond. And not forgetting two crucial pockets on each side to carry whatever items you may need; no more worrying about that pesky bag rule when shopping! Incredible flat-lock seams mean you get optimal comfort — no chafing here. Over The Belly Leggings With Pockets provide an experience that is second to none — offering great support, versatile style, and maximum practicality in the process.

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  19. Active Sculpt Maternity Leggings
  20. Active Sculpt Maternity Leggings

    Discover the most comfortable and supportive maternity leggings available. Active Sculpt Maternity Leggings will keep you stylish and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Crafted with durable yet lightweight polyester fabric for an enhanced elastane recovery and no-dig waistband, these maternity leggings provide a snug secure fit from hip to leg. Choose from overbelly or elastic waisted styles that easily expand as your body changes during each trimester of pregnancy. You'll love the sense of security and stability they provide while staying active while pregnant. Look fabulous and get the support you need with Active Sculpt Maternity Leggings! They are not only designed to fit you perfectly through pregnancy, but also to last long after baby arrives. Indulge in ultimate comfort and discover what real peace of mind looks like!

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People Also Ask These Questions About Maternity Leggings

Q: What are the best maternity leggings?

  • The best maternity leggings are ones that provide comfort and plenty of range of motion for exercising. As far as brands, there isn’t a singular brand that is better than the other. It mostly comes down to what makes the particular mom feel vibrant, comfy, and ready to work out. 

Q: What are some important features to look for in maternity leggings?

  • The main features to look for in maternity leggings are based around the type of material being used. You want to find maternity leggings that stretch because pregnancy and the time after means the body will be doing a whole lot of adjusting. 

Q: Are there any maternity leggings that are good for during and after pregnancy?

  • Yes, most maternity leggings are great for during and after pregnancy. In fact, even once the body has recovered from the stresses of pregnancy, the leggings should still fit due to the stretchy material they are usually made of.