Best Ways To Beat The Sun & Bugs During Summer

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Banana Boat® SunComfort™ and OFF!®. The opinions and texts are all mine.

It’s finally summer and that means it’s time to leave school behind and indulge in some summer fun. Ever since school was let out for summer break my family has been excited to take part in the summer plans we’ve had laid out. From exploring our new surroundings to visiting our local swimming spots, summer in a new state has countless possibilities.


One thing my family is eager to do in our new home is to have a backyard barbecue. In our old home we had these often but since we’ve only been in our new home for a short time, we’ve yet to have one to celebrate the new space. Of course, with any type of outdoor activity there are certain aspects you have to contend with such as intense heat and exposure to sun and my personal favorite, mosquitoes. Unfortunately we’ve already noticed that our move to a new place didn’t enable us to escape the little buggers.

Our first backyard barbecue in the new place was a great success. We armed ourselves with Banana Boat® SunComfort as well as our most trusted personal insect repellant, OFF!® When we first moved to our new home we knew right away that the sunscreen and personal insect repellant would be essential to surviving both the heat and the bugs, so we didn’t waste any time spraying them onto ourselves and our little ones. We noticed a big difference when using them – It truly made our backyard barbecue and other summertime activities more enjoyable.


Another activity that my family and I have recently taken up since moving has been hiking. With each new location we’ve moved to, there has been an increase in new and exciting things to do; hiking around town and in the nature trails around our home has been a fun way to keep the little ones occupied during the day. It’s also fun to get a hands on experience of our new town. As with our first backyard barbecue, I noticed right away that my little ones were susceptible to both the heat and bugs. Ever since our first hike around town I’ve carried both Banana Boat® SunComfort and OFF!® personal insect repellant.


With the summer in full swing and the sun out full blast and the bugs swarming, it’s never been a better idea to arm myself with ways to keep my little ones protected from the elements. Banana Boat® SunComfort especially has been a great product to use. It’s comprised of water resistant formula that lasts a full 80 minutes once applied, and, if applied 15 – 30 minutes before sun exposure, it becomes more water resistant. The formula is also resistant to sand, if you find your little ones playing on the ground a lot; it allows for the sand to be wiped off without leaving any grit behind.


Banana Boat® SunComfort is also great if you or your little ones suffer from dry skin. It works to moisturize the skin and relieve dryness. This makes it ideal for any skin type as well because it helps to lock in moisture, especially if you’re planning on being in the sun where your skin can easily dry out due to exposure. You can take your family out for a day of fun in the sun while putting your mind at ease thanks to the effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. The Banana Boat® SunComfort is also available in SPF 30 and 50+ for varying degrees of protection depending on your skin type and needs. These are both available at Walmart right now, in the camping and outdoors aisle!

Why Banana Boat® SunComfort is AWESOME!

  • Water resistant formula (up to 80 minutes)
  • Allows Sand to easily brush off
  • Moisturizes to relieve dryness
  • Provides safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Available in SPF 30 and 50+

And of course, living at the lake in Minnesota means mosquito haven. I never go anywhere without my OFF!® Deep Woods (I mean, even though I’m not actually in the woods, it’s effective, especially being around all the heavy tree areas!).  Plus, I love how easy it is to spray!

Why OFF!® Deep Woods is AWESOME! 

  • Repels mosquitoes that may carry the Zika or Dengue virus.
  • Repels mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile virus.
  • Long-lasting protection from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, and chiggers.
  • Aerosol spray allows for application in a continuous sweeping motion.
  • Formulated with 25% DEET—provides up to 8 hours of protection against mosquitoes.

What are your favorite ways to beat the sun and the bugs during summer?