Brilliant Lifehacks to Organize Your Tiny Closet

Brilliant Lifehacks to Organize Your Tiny Closet

Not all of us can afford to have spacious closets for all of our garments and stuff. In fact most of us have to make do with something smaller than that. Storage space is an issue for many people (adults and kids alike). This is reason enough to go and reorganize your closet so that it can store more stuff. If you stay tuned, we will show you a few amazing tricks to keeping your closet organized and beautiful. Keep reading (or PIN IT for later).

Small Closet Hacks

Slim Down Your Closet Contents to Maximize Storage Space

When you have a tiny closet, every single inch of space counts. Hence it makes sense to store only the clothes you wear and to get rid of anything that you don’t use or haven’t used in the past few months. Carefully go through all your items and pick up the ones that serve no purpose, are old or ruined, or items you have grown out of. Needless to say, these things clog up your closet and keep you from figuring out what you really have.

It is difficult to get rid of your stuff, especially when it comes to clothing. You somewhat cherish the hope that one day, not too far from now, you will need just this pair of pants or that pink blouse. Spoiler: it won’t happen. If you haven’t put on a piece of clothing for the past year or so, chances are you never will. Get rid of it to save storage space. After that  give your closet a good clean. You can now proceed to organizing what’s left of your clothing.

Use Expandable Drawer Dividers

Unless your drawers are really small, use dividers to keep different types of clothing organized in a neat fashion. For example, use dividers when it comes to your underwear. Keep socks separately from your bras and panties.

Repurpose Shoe Boxes

If you don’t want to spend money on expandable drawer dividers, you can go for this one. Utilize old shoe boxes. They can keep your stuff in plain sight and neatly organized. You probably already have tons of shoe boxes, so this organizing trick will be cost zero dollars. If the boxes are too big, grab some scissors and resize them to fit your drawers. Easy breezy.

Go for S-hooks

Another great decision for your tiny closet space is to go with S-hooks. They are tiny and therefore they don’t take up much space. At the same time, they are capable of holding multiple items, such as  scarves, bags and even pairs of pants. S-hooks are sold at retail stores.

In addition, when it comes to storing your scarves and belts, you can also resort to using scarf and belt hangers. They can be found anywhere, they are dirt cheap and very functional.

Resort to Blouse Trees

If you don’t have much horizontal space, take advantage of vertical space. A hanger with sub-hangers is a game changer. It not only will save hanging space, but also maximize your storage space. These things are very useful and they cost next to nothing. You can find ones at Amazon for $10. Note that one blouse tree is worth 5 or 6 hangers, so it’s really a great deal.

Now, if you don’t have blouse trees and don’t want to spend as much money, just hang a few hangers to a chain and there you go – your tier hanger is ready to use. With as much creativity you can also use soda can tabs to make double and triple hangers.

Use Tie Valets

Don’t just stack your husband’s ties into the closet. Believe it or not, they may take lots of space too. Buy one of these tie valets that allow you to store your ties (or your husband’s ties) in an orderly fashion. They can be hung, which saves horizontal space.

Take into consideration our tips the next time you try to clean your tiny closet and take organizing to a whole new level.

Image credit: Rubbermaid under Creative Commons (edited with permission)