Camping Hacks – Make Ahead Pancake Mix!

One of the best camping hacks! Take this make ahead pancake mix with you to save time and make cooking easier!

Make Ahead Pancake Mix camping


We are headed camping this weekend! I am so excited as this is my first time (never thought I would ever go!), and my hubby’s gazillionith. I was browsing Pinterest for camping ideas and absolutely loved this one – Make Ahead Pancake Mix!

All you do is pour the batter in baggies and tie or put these chip clips (I got mine from Ikea) around the tops (like a DIY icing bag) and store in the ice chest. When you’re ready to make pancakse, simply thaw out the batter and make them! This is a great camping hack or super easy and time-saving kitchen tip! Enjoy šŸ™‚

I got this idea from Culy … it’s not in English, though. Thanks, Culy!