Chevy Salutes our Military members (and my salute to my husband)!

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A Salute to my Husband …

Pre-deployment Kisses

It’s the end of May, which means Military Appreciation Month is drawing to a close. However, just because it’s over doesn’t mean we can’t recognize and honor our awesome servicemen and women all year round! Afterall, our service members are serving 24/7, 365, sacrificing time with loved ones and maybe even making the ultimate sacrifice. That’s why I’d like to dedicate this post to saluting my husband, Clint, who is currently serving in the United States Army as Flight Medic.

I first met Clint in November, 2007, when my best friend set us up on a blind date (they had both recently been stationed at Fort Lewis). At that point in time, I had pretty much given up on meeting a good man, having just gotten out of a relationship a few weeks prior. I agreed to being set up, as it was really just a get together with friends that night, meeting up at Red Robin and then going bowling. It was funny, looking back, that we didn’t even sit next to one another at dinner. Not sure how that happened, but I remember being slightly upset. I kept looking at him, but nothing really happened until we went bowling. That’s when we loosened up and started talking, and ended up having a great night together. The next day, he and I went to a Seahawks game with friends, and were inseparable ever since. And when he got orders to Fort Bragg a month later, he asked me to go with him. In fact, we decided to get married, too! Mind you, we were both 29 at the time. Sure, two months seems like an awfully short time to get to know someone and decide to get married, however, I think we were both old enough to realize that we knew each other were “the one.”

It hasn’t all been roses and cupcakes, however. During our first PCS, I was pregnant with our first, and we had to move from Seattle, WA to Fort Bragg, NC (we did a DITY move to maximize the savings). I disliked Bragg very much. Hubby was attending SOCOM at the time, and was at school from 5AM til 5PM most days, but he worked his tush off, studying and trying to take care of me, his pregnant wife. After a year in Bragg, we got orders to head back to Fort Lewis, WA, which I was completely stoked about. Again, we trekked across country, DITY-style. My husband was so awesome throughout the whole process, making sure that our baby girl and myself were taken care of. During our first two PCS moves, I realized what a hard worker my husband was, making sure everything was taken care of for us, his family (not to mention, what an great soldier he was in his units)! I realized I had met and married a man with the same personal values that I grew up with and knew I had made the right choice 🙂

Fast forward two deployments, two more PCS’s and two kids later, it’s only gotten better. He is an amazing father, husband and soldier. I commend him for his work ethic in making sure that his own soldiers are taken care of! Sometimes you hear about guys only being out for themselves, but my husband is anything but. He gets the job done, and he gets it done right. I can’t imagine my life without him. So with that, Thank You, Clint, for your sacrifices and your dedication, not only for us, but also for our country.

And, #ChevySalutes by honoring our military members YEAR ROUND!

And did you know, Chevrolet honors our military families and veterans year round, too! You can read about the several campaigns they are involved with here. And don’t forget, throughout the month of May, Chevy is celebrating Military Appreciation Month by offering the Chevrolet Military Discount!

Now all Veterans along with Active Duty, Reserves and Retirees — including their spouses — are eligible for the Chevrolet Military Discount. The discount can be combined with most current incentives. You’ll also get the security of Chevrolet Complete Care available on 2014 purchased and leased vehicles. Backed by 24 months or 24,000 miles of included scheduled maintenance†, warranties that cover powertrain, bumper-to-bumper and anti-corrosion, and five years or 100,000 miles of roadside assistance with courtesy transportation†. USAA members receive an additional $750 private offer†. The Chevrolet Military Purchase Program is available to more military personnel than any other brand. It’s just one of the many ways that Chevrolet is proud to serve all that have served.

What’s really cool about this program is that you can actually go online here (scroll down to “Get Your Discount”) and get your exclusive code and take it into your local dealership!