Clothing Companies With Excellent Warranties & Return Policies

Even if you know you’ve gotten exactly what your friend, sister, brother, or your spouse wanted – and in the size they needed – there’s always a chance that the item will need to be exchanged. In the event of the unfortunate situation occurs, let’s make sure we’re all buying gifts from places that offer warranties that we need and return policies we can count on.

Thankfully, there are a lot of stores that make this a smooth possibility for us all, whether it’s a birthday present or throughout the holiday season. Let’s take a look at 10 clothing companies with excellent warranties and return policies; so, the sweater can be switched out with the right size or the jeans can be had in the correct length.

10 Clothing Companies With Excellent Warranties & Return Policies

Land’s End

Land's End Logo

Refunds and exchanges are smooth and easy with Land’s End policy. Basically, you can return a product you’re not happy with at any time. Reading just a little further along, you’ll learn that as long as you return the item within 90 days you can receive a refund in the form of your original payment – after that, you’ll get an option for a Land’s End merchandise credit.


macy's logo

At Macy’s, you have 180 days to make a return. There are some restrictions depending on the type of item – in which case returns must be made in 30 days – or Apple iPhones only 14 days. If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll be given store credit for the lowest selling price in the last 180 days for the item and there are options for free mail returns as well.


Target’s policy has some notes on what it accepts as returns, but it’s still a great choice because of the store’s reliability. For example, most items purchased can be returned within 90 days and in new condition (items that seemed to be damaged may not be denied a return). Some items will have specific policies noted on the receipt.


Bloomingdale’s surprises us with its 365-day return policy. Yes, you read that right. For most purchases made, you have 365 days to get a refund made to the original form of payment or for a store credit. Of course, there are a few restrictions such as evening gowns and mattresses that have their own fine details.

L. L. Bean

L L Bean logo

The L. L. Bean policy is one of the bestest on this list of the best. You’ve got a year to return any item you’re not satisfied, and even after 365 days, they will consider returns on items that have failed due to craftsmanship. They do require proof of purchase to make exchanges and refunds though – whether it’s that they look up your information in their own system or you have a physical receipt.

American Eagle

American eagle logo

AEO returns are quite simple as well and there’s no explicit time limitation for returning items which means that unworn, tagged item sitting at the back of your closet might still be returnable! In-store returns are an easy local option to opt for, and for those returning by mail, there are explicit instructions outlines for US, CA, and international orders. American Eagle may not be the best on the list of the best but it’s easy to follow and a trusted company with a reputation for quality customer service.


amazon logo

What’s great about Amazon is that every item has its specific and easy-to-follow instructions online for how to go about getting a refund or exchange. Items shipped from Amazon’s warehouses can be returned within 30 days – and other purchases from other sellers have their own requirements. But nothing is hidden. You can easily skim their glossary for all the details and processes you need when buying.


kohl's logo

Kohl’s has a golden store policy that makes customers really, really happy. Even if you don’t have a receipt, the store has the ability to look up purchases made on Kohl’s charge or other major credit cards for up to 16 months. And even after 16 months, you’ll have an option for store credit upon returning an item.


REI logo

Check out REI’s policy for another example of a classic, customer-inspired satisfaction guaranteed ideal. You have an entire year to return items – except for outdoor electronics which have a 90-day policy.


nordstrom logo

And finally, we have Nordstrom – and their policy may just surprise you. Returns are made on a case-by-case basis. Essentially, there’s no true outline of how they take returns, instead, it’s made on an objective, “make the customer happy” notion. Truly, there’s no daily limit or receipt needed.