#DefenseMobile – An Affordable Cell Phone Service for Military & Family

Compensation for this post was provided by Defense Mobile via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

Defense Mobile - An Affordable Cell Phone Service for Military & Family

When I first heard of Defense Mobile, my immediate reaction was “It’s about time!” This amazing new cell phone company has partnered up with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, thus being able to provide its’ customers with awesome cell phone signals and fast 4G service! But, this phone service isn’t for everyone. It is exclusive to our military Veterans, Active Duty, and family members (including National Guard and Reserve)!

Defense Mobile will be comprised of service for each branch: ARMYmobile, NAVYmobile, MARINEmobile, AIRFORCEmobile, and COASTGUARDmobile. They have partnered up with RadioShack to offer the military community this exclusive service, and what better company to work with? “At RadioShack, we know the importance of connecting veterans and those serving in the military with their loved ones. We feel honored to add the complete line of Defense Mobile services to our mobility offerings,” said Paul Rutenis, chief merchandising officer at RadioShack. “We have long offered a 10 percent discount to military families and launching Defense Mobile is one more way we can provide custom offerings to these loyal consumers.”

What’s even better is the fact that most of those behind Defense Mobile are military and disabled veterans. Even most of their executives have formerly served in the U.S. Military! They know first hand how frustrating it can be having to travel, whether it be to PCS or TDY, and not be able to get the best signal (if any, at all)! That’s why they thought up the genius idea to work with the nations largest providers as a team, to help make the military community’s lives a little easier. Being a Defense Mobile customer will mean never having to switch carriers – in fact, they will make sure that you always have the strongest signal!

This amazing service will be offered with no annual contract, starting in the upcoming months. Cell phone service through Defense Mobile will set you back about $25 – $240 a month, depending on your plan and how many people are on it, and yes, they have a family plan, too! RadioShack will be rolling out this service in its’ 2500 store locations by 2015, however, you can pre-register for Defense Mobile now here and even be considered for Charter Membership when it launches! And, when it’s live, you can purchase phones and service online or at RadioShack (military installations will offer the service soon after). If you want to dive straight into the fine print, check out this link!

In addition to this exclusive service, there are many perks that come along with it! Check it out:

* miliCASH – a secure mobile banking application with a pre-approved pre-paid MasterCard® that delivers military-and-veteran-only cash back rewards at participating merchants nationwide.

* miliSOURCE – a powerful application that helps veteran families discover and obtain valuable veteran benefits and services from the VA, States, and Veteran Service Organizations.

* miliMAIL – a free email service providing transitioning military personnel and Defense Mobile Members with a unique email that proudly confirms their affiliation to the branch of service they served.

These will all be pre-loaded apps featured on your new smartphone. Or, if you are keeping your phone, you’ll be able to download them after you sign up. Remember, you can pre-register now (don’t worry, there is nothing to pay for upfront, and there is no obligation to even join when they launch), and you’ll have the chance to be considered for their Charter Membership, which offers the following benefits:

  • 50% off your first 3 months of service
  • Priority access to the newest phones, including special pre-orders
  • Other exciting offers and savings opportunities throughout the year!

Go Here to Pre-Register!

To find out more about Defense Mobile, please visit the links below:

ARMYmobile: http://bit.ly/Xv8uBZ

AIRFORCEmobile: http://bit.ly/1qUbLqa

COASTGUARDmobile: http://bit.ly/1BITEqH

MARINEmobile: http://bit.ly/XbOOCR

NAVYmobile: http://bit.ly/1sgntb2

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