Delicious 30-Second Instant Frosting Recipe

Delicious 30-Second Instant Frosting Recipe

Delicious 30 Second Frosting Recipe

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to make a cake or cupcakes, but didn’t have any frosting! Sure, I can whip some up with some powdered sugar, but I came up with an even funner way! I love pudding and whip cream, especially when it’s all mixed together! It got me thinking about the Cool Whip Frosting they sale in the freezer section, and I thought … I could just make my own! And so I did, and let me tell you, this is some seriously delicious “frosting” šŸ™‚


  • Cool Whip (or whatever whip cream brand you prefer)
  • pudding cups (any brand, any flavor)
  • or, you can make homemade pudding and let cool thoroughly


This actually probably takes less then 30 seconds, but anyway. Open a few pudding cups, empty into a bowl, and then combine the Cool Whip and stir. Lick the spoon a few times, but be sure to save some for the cake! Spread and serve over pretty much anything, even …. brownies … šŸ™‚