Dispelling the Myths of Carrageenan


When you’re a single gal it’s easy to overlook what’s best for yourself when you’re busy working, having a social life and trying to make rent. That all changes when you become a wife and mother. When you get married you become so much more conscious of your life and your choices about everything; this is even more true when you become a mother. As a mom I’ve never worried more about anything in my entire life. I worry about my family’s growth, the bills, the state of clothes, making sure everything is safe for my little ones and especially our eating habits.

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I would love nothing more than to free the reigns when it comes to what my family eats. Back when I was a single gal I could eat anything. Seriously, I have an iron stomach and nothing bothers it. Not snacks, not spicy foods, etc. I literally ate whatever sounded good: cookies, chips, fruit snacks, pizza (lots of pizza) and so much junk food. Then I had children and I realized that I wasn’t setting the best example for my children. My eating habits were atrocious and I certainly didn’t want them picking up the same habits. Although I think I have a pretty great figure (even after all the junk I consumed over the years) and no health problems to speak of, I knew that if I allowed my children to eat the way I used to it would spell out trouble for them in the long run. Especially nowadays when you never know what exactly is going into your food.

When I became a mom the way I thought about everything changed. I was no longer a single girl nor was I just a married woman having fun with her husband. I was in charge of living, breathing, real life children. If you think about it long enough, it’ll scare the pants right off of you. I was always worried about their mental and physical growth, their safety, their overall well-being and protecting them in any way I possibly could (even from unseen dangers sometimes), but one of the biggest worries I’ve encountered as a mom has been what goes into their mouths. Shocking, I know, since I basically admitted to being akin to a human garbage disposal in my last paragraph.

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You can never be too careful about what you’re feeding your children. Especially now. Products that had a reputation of being clean and pure when I was younger now pose some pretty serious risks to anyone who eats them. Kids especially because a lot of extra additives and secret ingredients disguised as long, unpronounceable words are now lurking in their favorite foods. I myself am guilty of not paying attention in my earlier parenting years but these days I’m all about checking labels. Especially considering how many warnings are floating around these days. This is definitely true when it comes to social media. It seems like every other day there’s a new warning up about what foods not to feed your children and which foods are best. If I had a penny for every warning I’ve read in the last 6 months I’d probably be halfway to being a millionaire by now.

I research everything before I buy it. Even those unpronounceable words I mentioned earlier. To prove or disprove a warning, a little bit of research is always necessary.

To cite an instance where research was necessary, I’d like to talk a little bit about an ingredient you might have heard about recently: Carrageenan. You may have even seen it on a label for something you bought recently. It’s used in ice cream, yogurt, cheese, chocolate milk, etc.

What is carrageenan, exactly? It’s quite simple and quite harmless. Carrageenan is actually nothing more than a natural food ingredient made from red seaweed. It isn’t harmful and it’s certainly not weird, unlike some of the “frankenfoods” you might be guilty of inadvertently buying these days. Its main uses are to add richness, reduce fat and stabilize your favorite foods. It’s so safe to add to your food that it’s  in things like hot dogs, salad dressings and even infant formula. If you can feed carrageenan to your baby then it’s safe enough for anyone to consume!

carrageenan 2

This is my children’s favorite yogurt – and mine, as well! No artificial colors or ingredients

If you’ve seen a negative comment or review about carrageenan recently, I would advise my readers to research it for yourselves before passing judgment. In fact, you can visit Food Science Matters, where they can provide you with everything you need to know about this particular ingredient, even using a timeline to show readers how carrageenan has been used in food for hundreds of years and how far the research has come. If the research doesn’t speak for itself in terms of how safe carrageenan is for consumption then I don’t know what will.

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