Dive into Minimalism & Embrace Less for More

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimize Your Life Right Meow

So you’ve decided to ditch the cluttered life both mentally and physically and want to turn to a life of minimalism. You get the basic ideas behind what it means to be minimalist. Okay. Now what? Where do you start? What are my options and what resources can I use? We got you!

Thankfully, there are a ridiculous amount of angles in which you can approach the minimalist lifestyle. And we’ve got a few options sprinkled with bits of advice you can begin with. Start here and now.

Read Now & Tidy Later But Also Now

Read Books on Minimalist Living

There are endless books to choose from here to start your textual journey into minimalism, but it would be a shame to not mention the new Queen of Declutter, Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo Way a.k.a. The KonMari Method

If you should start anywhere with your reading, start with 2019 favorite Marie Kondo as she shows us the way to a tidier and more joyful life.

There is a simple efficiency to it. That’s all there is to it. I myself have reaped the benefits of her laundry folding method alone.

Read & Find Joy in the Tidy:

Her method or her art is so popular that it has even sparked a hit Netflix show aptly called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

With either choice or both (do it), you’ll start feeling the joy in no time because that’s all that you’ll be surrounded with. After you’re done, I wouldn’t be surprised if the phrase “spark joy” ends up your new daily mantra (guilty).

After decluttering and prioritizing what makes you happy, not only will you have a healthier state of mind, but you’ll also be more aware of further purchases that could create clutter and become an excess expense. Another way to help minimalize your excess spending is by tracking your expenses.

Take a Minimalist Journey in a Documentary

Watch Documentaries on Minimalism

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Documentaries are a great way to break into the world of minimalism because they end up being a journey for both the documentary team, the people they come across, and the viewer themselves. Watch minimalism behind the scenes for a look to why people choose this lifestyle.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2015)

For an inspiring journey in the search for happiness, this documentary shows that happiness isn’t in material things and that minimalism can help us achieve happiness in that “less is more”. Watch Joshua and Ryan leave the American Dream behind for a more minimal life.

It’s available on Netflix or you can get it on Amazon.

YouTube Channels Featuring Minimalist Lifestyles

Watch YouTube Channels on Minimalism

YouTube is no stranger to any topic, let alone minimalism. Dive straight into several channels that will ignite your motivation to start living a life unencumbered by things and thoughts that are weighing us down.

Pick Up Limes

To sum it up, this channel a very chill, relaxing ambiance in all its videos. Never has the minimalist lifestyle felt so soothing and welcoming. The channel’s creator Sadia practices minimalism but also is devoted to traveling, food, and sharing her space with all people.

Benefits of Minimalism + Common Minimalism Mistakes

Kraig Adam

Kraig Adam’s is a YouTuber whose channel focuses around his life as a filmmaker and a minimalist. His apartment tours are especially helpful because you can see real examples of people applying minimalist techniques to their home space.

Minimalist Apartment Tour

Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella is a minimalist filmmaker who also made a documentary titled “Minimalism”. His videos offer a variety of helpful tips, funny challenges, and other insights all inspired by a life of minimalism. D’Avella’s creative portrayal of the life of a minimalist is worth the look!

What Minimalism Really Looks Like…

Podcasts for Busy Bees

Listen to Podcasts Focusing on Minimalism

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Not interested in reading, or watching or perhaps you’re crunched for time. Podcasts are perfect for those who digest media on-the-go. Podcasts have a reputation for being perfect for people trying to fit time in for themselves as they go about their busy lives.

The Minimalists

The Minimalists don’t stop at podcasts. They feature additional media in the form of books, blog posts, and videos.

For a no-nonsense list with zero fluff, check out 12 Podcasts for Minimalists and find a caster that speaks to you on a motivational level.

Apps Can Be Simple or Tricky

Use Apps for Minimalizing Your Life or Delete Apps to Declutter

Apps can be tricky, as they can pose a number of questions.

Some of these questions include:

  • Why bother with apps based on minimalism?
  • Where is the appeal or point when there is unlimited space that you can’t even see being taken up?
  • Why use apps with limited functions?
  • How they can really help with minimalism when it seems the point of apps sometimes is to accumulate a million of them?

All valid questions!

It is true that apps don’t take up physical space and mostly go unnoticed in the far recesses of your phone’s storage, but that doesn’t mean it can’t affect you in other ways. Constantly seeing rows and rows of applications, and knowing in the back of your mind that it exists, can place a subtle burden on you mentally.

There are three things you can do with apps to benefit your minimalistic lifestyle. Here’s how you can take charge of any app situation:

Remove & Disable Apps

Take a good, scrutinizing look at all your current apps on your phone. I highly recommend you start with removing or disabling any apps you aren’t actively using or need in the long run.

I say delete or disable because, unfortunately, many standard apps that come with your phone cannot be deleted other than through illicit ways that aren’t supported by the manufacturer. Doesn’t mean you should let them run amuck in the background! Disable anything not critical to your phone’s performance that isn’t being made useful by you.

Follow these links to delete and/or disable your apps:

Consider Sticking with the Basics

Now that you’ve ridden yourself of the excessive digital clutter.

Most of the basic apps on your phone are already that, basic. A lot of them can be customized with downloadable packages or replaced for more robust versions of them, however, it can be beneficial to stick to the basics.

Using standard apps for Messages, Clock, Calendar, Email, and Camera can be beneficial in that they’re built-in and made to work for your phone. Many times updates to add-ons can break the functionality of an app or create confusion with tweaks in new patches.

In Short

It might seem counterintuitive to have so many options, that’s why we encourage you to pick your favorite avenue for learning. We’re here to provide the doors to your next step!

Let’s start now together and strive for zero waste and declutter in our physical lives and aim for a more spacious frame of mind that contributes to more a priceless, better quality life.