10 Best DIY Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Welcome to our list of DIY anniversary gifts for parents!

Parents are often the most difficult to buy gifts for because it’s impossible to begin to give them anything remotely equal to the multitude of presents — including life itself — that they’ve gifted to us. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. If you’re aiming to celebrate your parents’ anniversary in DIY style, we’ve rounded up several top-notch, creative ideas for you. 

This list includes:

  • Gift baskets for parents
  • Romantic games for parents
  • Jewelry for parents

And much more! So without further ado, pick out the perfect present to give your parents to celebrate another year around the sun together!


Best DIY Anniversary Gifts For Parents

  1. Hand Casting Kit
  2. Hand Casting Kit

    Take a moment to honor the unique connection between you and your loved one and capture it for eternity with this one-of-a-kind couples gift. Create an everlasting keepsake with the Step 1 alginate molding material, which is specifically designed to be non-toxic and safe. The unique rubbery cast captures every detail, from fine lines to fingerprints! Not only will you have a beautiful memory of your relationship, but the process of creating it will be fun and exciting - perfect for last minute DIY gifts or special occasions like anniversaries or Christmas! With the kit's taller, wider bucket, and higher quality molding and casting materials than other two person kits out there, you can be sure that the resulting hand sculpture won't fail to impress.

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  3. Gold Plated Happy Anniversary Hearts
  4. Gold Plated Happy Anniversary Hearts

    Every relationship deserves to be celebrated, and what better way to commemorate an anniversary than with this one-of-a-kind Gold Plated Happy Anniversary Hearts decoration? Showcasing two delicate 24K gold hearts with dangling crystals suspended between them, and a “Happy Anniversary” banner, this piece is the perfect way to show your special someone just how much you care. Whether gifted as a surprise on an anniversary, or as part of a romantic date night decor, this ornament is sure to bring a warm smile to their face as they think about all that time spent together. Crafted with precision cut Matashi Crystals for the highest quality materials, it measures 4.1 x 2.7 x 2.5 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces for the perfect size to match any interior design motif or home decor collection.

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  5. Anniversary Hand Painted Figures
  6. Anniversary Hand Painted Figures

    Celebrate your most treasured moments in life with our Anniversary Hand Painted Figures. It’s an original and timeless design modeled after two figures entwined in a loving embrace that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of any couple celebrating their special day. Each figure is handcrafted and painted to bring out the finest details, and measure 5.8''*4.2''. Whatever meaningful expression of love you have in mind, these figures will make it a reality—whether it is as an anniversary gift for parents, a wedding present for newlyweds, or an appreciation token for someone else you care about deeply. Give them this unique figure, and remind them no matter how far apart you may be, the love between the two of you remains strong.

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  7. Spa Gift Basket For Couples
  8. Spa Gift Basket For Couples

    The luxurious at-home spa set provides an exquisitely indulgent experience that promises to leave any recipient feeling pampered and special. The all-natural ingredients, such as Sunflower Seed Oil, help nourish and soften skin to provide a sense of replenishment with every use; while the Floral Lily Essential Oils soothe both mind and body. Plus, the Premium Wicker Basket Set is crafted with artistry and attention to detail, making it an ideal size for storing items in a powder room or bedroom. Inside is everything needed for an in-home spa retreat—shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, potpourri, body scrub, body mist, and body lotion. Delight beloved friends or family with this extravagant yet comforting Spa Gift Basket For Couples; they’ll be sure to thank you with endless gratefulness!

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  9. Ambient Anniversary Moon Light
  10. Ambient Anniversary Moon Light

    Nothing says 'I love you' like the Ambient Anniversary Moon Light. This romantic night light is perfect for adding some extra love and spark to your anniversary celebrations - and making them unforgettable! This unique lighting feature is more than just a pretty decoration - it's infused with several thoughtful, practical details. Snuggle up together under the full red moon, and marvel at its warm twinkling glow that adds a touch of atmosphere to any room. With its dimmable and touch sensor capabilities, you can easily adjust the light's intensity in three levels simply by touching the sculpture – creating an ambiance that suits your mood perfectly. This moon sculpture also comes with two number kits and six decals, so you can get creative in showing your partner how much they mean to you by using it as a keepsake to remember your special day. Write wishes or even signatures on the surface of the moon – it’s the perfect way to capture timeless romance!

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  11. Marital Bliss Couples Game
  12. Marital Bliss Couples Game

    Marital Bliss is the perfect anniversary gift for your parents, wedding gifts for your friends, and even Tuesday nights for you and your spouse. It is a hilarious card game that turns daily life into a competitive (or cooperative) game between you and your loved one. Trust us - it's the perfect way to connect and make memories. In Marital Bliss, each round of the game is played out over seven days - featuring super-secret missions that only you know about. You have to be sneaky if you want to win points and earn rewards - because the mission won't give you any points if your spouse guesses what they are! Marital Bliss has something special no other anniversary or wedding gift can offer - a chance to create lasting moments filled with laughter as you two battle each other in fun (and sometimes head-scratching) missions.

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  13. Light and Music Anniversary Pop Up Card
  14. Light and Music Anniversary Pop Up Card

    Celebrate your parents’ special day with something truly extraordinary. The Light and Music Anniversary Pop Up Card is the perfect way to add a personal touch that is sure to leave them speechless! This luxurious 3D card plays the famous love song ‘Just the Two of Us’ as it pops up, displaying an enchanting bouquet of red roses with a romantic heart sunset scene that glows in time with the music. Each card is crafted from premium paper stock and laser cut for exquisitely detailed perfection. Whether you are honoring your spouse or giving this heartfelt gift to special friends and family, surprise them like never before. Let the intimate moment fill their hearts with joy as they hear this special melody and bask in the beauty of our beloved night sky.

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  15. Infinity Love Candle Holder
  16. Infinity Love Candle Holder

    The Infinity Love Candle Holder from OakiWay is the perfect way to add a unique touch of elegance and romance to any event or even your bedroom decorations. This exquisite candle holder features an intricate, beautiful design crafted from durable resin material, providing a stunning display that will be admired and cherished for many years to come. Best of all, it comes in a gorgeous presentable packaging and with a lovely greeting card. Express your love with this magnificent infinity love candle holder and make every anniversary, wedding celebration or special event as meaningful as possible.

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  17. Custom Star Map
  18. Custom Star Map

    This map is sure to leave them in awe with its vibrant colors and stunning HD details. This eye-catching unframed map showcases the night sky from a specific date, location, and time. It’s perfect for commemorating an important event such as a marriage anniversary or the birth of a child. The patented software ensures 100% accurate star charts so that you can be sure that your map perfectly captures that special moment. You can customize your map with different size options, font choices, titles, dates, and locations – perfect for one name, two names, or more! Make this gift extra special with these custom made star maps – we guarantee your parents won’t be disappointed!

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People Also Ask These Questions About Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Q: What are some good anniversary gifts for parents?

  • Some good anniversary gifts for parents can include but are not limited to personalized gifts, sentimental gifts like a scrapbook, an experience like going to a show, or something practical like a kitchen appliance. 

Q: What are some good DIY anniversary gifts for parents?

  • The best DIY anniversary gifts for parents range from handmade cards or letters and homemade meals to personalized artwork and personalized gift baskets. The important thing is that the DIY gift feels thoughtful. 

Q: What are some affordable anniversary gifts for parents?

  • There are a variety of affordable anniversary gifts for parents but the main thing is that the anniversary gift feels personal and heartfelt. Consider giving experiences, an appreciation gift, something practical, or something homemade.