10 Best DIY Craft Books to Help You Do Anything!

Welcome to our list of the best DIY craft books to help you do anything!

Do-it-yourself (DIY) and crafts are growing in popularity — especially with people spending more time at home. Whether you’re looking for DIY home improvement ideas, cooking and recipes for homemade treats, gardening tips, or another crafty idea, we’ve got you covered. In this carefully curated selection, we’ve rounded up the best DIY craft books to help your know-how match your imagination, creativity, and desire to get hands-on in life!

This list includes:

  •    DIY art books
  •    DIY craft books
  •    DIY gardening books
  •    DIY recipe and cookbooks

So without further ado, pick out the perfect DIY craft book to help you complete your dream projects!   


Best DIY Craft Books to Help You Do Anything

  1. The Martha Manual
  2. The Martha Manual

    It’s time to get your DIY dreams rolling and make household life easier with The Martha Manual How to Do (Almost) Everything Book. This amazing DIY craft book from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt contains 400 pages of easy-to-follow instructions and strategies from the one and only Martha Stewart. With chapters that include topics such as organizing, cleaning, gardening, cooking, and caring for pets, you’ll never have to worry about not knowing how to handle even the most basic tasks around the house. Whether it be something simple like setting the table or more complex like carving a pumpkin or fixing a toilet, this manual has you covered - so say goodbye to buying multiple books! Get ready for an adaptable lifestyle that’s full of joy thanks to The Martha Manual How to Do (Almost) Everything Book.

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  3. Epoxy Resin Art For Beginners
  4. Epoxy Resin Art For Beginners

    With the Epoxy Resin Art For Beginners DIY craft books, you can finally explore your creativity and give shape to your ideas. Stop wasting money on unclear guides with insufficient information. These guides will walk you step by step through the epoxy resin process so that you can engage in a stellar craft activity with ease and confidence. With these epoxy resin DIY projects, not only will you get to explore the world of crafts, but you’ll also benefit from scientific research demonstrating its positive effects. Studies have shown that creating something out of epoxy resin increases problem-solving skills, helps cope with stress and anxiety, and stimulates your creativity – all things necessary for living a really fulfilling life. Have fun unlocking your talents and find great satisfaction in turning your ideas into tangible works of art.

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  5. Low Mess Crafts For Kids
  6. Low Mess Crafts For Kids

    This collection of 72 crafts takes out the clutter and mess but packs in plenty of fun and creativity. With these simple tips from Debbie Chapman at One Little Project, it’s a breeze to keep your kitchen table clean while still enjoying play time. Try twisting pipe cleaners into cool shapes to avoid glue, and use brightly colored cups or patterned paper for an easy, paint-free crafting session. With Low Mess Crafts For Kids, you can rest assured that there will be far less mess for mom and dad to clean up after.

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  7. Wood Pallet Wonders
  8. Wood Pallet Wonders

    Turn ordinary wood pallets into one-of-a-kind furniture, gifts, and seasonal decor. With lively photographs and step-by-step instructions, the possibilities are endless. You'll find everything from a rustic birdhouse to a cozy harvest table that will have your family and friends jealous of your carpentry prowess. And when the holidays arrive, why not whip up some festive little decorations like a decorative sled or fishing rod holder? Wood Pallet Wonders is more than just a book; it’s also an opportunity to add color, personality, and warmth to your living space. Stop spending countless hours shopping for store bought items and start taking pride in your handmade personal touch.

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  9. Great Book of Woodworking Projects
  10. Great Book of Woodworking Projects

    This comprehensive book provides craft shop-tested expert advice, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions to help anyone from beginner to expert build 50 attractive and functional projects. From kitchen upgrades and handy storage solutions to classic furniture pieces in shaker and craftsman styles; plus convenient garden benches and adirondack chairs for outdoor living space; as well as frames, puzzles, jewelry boxes, and more. With detailed tips and guidance on each project, you'll find all the right advice contained in this ultimate collection of woodworking projects. Whether you are looking for a new project or wanting to spruce up your home, the Great Book of Woodworking Projects is an ideal resource to help you create something special.

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  11. DIY Solar Power For Beginners
  12. DIY Solar Power For Beginners

    Are you ready to save money and harness the power of the sun? The DIY Solar Power for Beginners guide is here to ensure your path to solar energy success! Every day begins with a bright idea - make every one of them sun-powered by investing in an off grid photovoltaic system you build yourself. This guide has been crafted in collaboration with expert industry contractors and engineers, offering step-by-step instructions alongside practical examples that make it easy for beginners to craft a custom solar power system tailored to their home or business’s needs.

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  13. The Year of Cozy
  14. The Year of Cozy

    With this one-stop-shop book from author Adrianna Adarme, you'll be inspired all year long with easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photographs. It's organized by the months of the year and by categories like “Live,” “Do,” and “Make.” Whether you're looking for ideas for cozy activities or delicious recipes to whip up on a cold day, The Year of Cozy has it all. With simple and inexpensive ways to show your appreciation for yourself or others, you'll discover tons of special moments of happiness. Enjoy quick recipes or try out some easy crafts - there's something for everyone in The Year of Cozy to help make life just as exciting as the big events.

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  15. The Backyard Homestead
  16. The Backyard Homestead

    Do you dream of living off the land and growing your own food? The Backyard Homestead book series is here to help make those dreams a reality! Across four comprehensive volumes, this set of DIY craft books provides all the information you need to become a master homesteader. From harvesting to preserving, The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How has got you covered on how to can, dry, and pickle your harvest so that you can enjoy it all winter long. Not only will you learn how to grow grains and vegetables, but also how to raise animals for meat, eggs, and dairy. Plus hone your honey bee-keeping technique for those sweeter days. As if that weren’t enough, The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner helps keep you organized with an easily customizable calendar that enables efficient season planning. To top it off, explore dozens of building projects in The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects stocked full with step-by-step tutorials on everything from greenhouses to root cellars – just the thing you need when creating a homesteading oasis right in your backyard!

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  17. Half Baked Harvest Every Day
  18. Half Baked Harvest Every Day

    This comprehensive DIY craft book provides more than 120 all-new recipes that are sure to please everyone in your family. Create balanced and bold meals with an array of beautiful ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a healthier twist on crowd-pleasing favorites or time-tested family meals, Half Baked Harvest Every Day has exactly what you need. And best of all, Tieghan Gerard’s clear instructions and mouthwatering photos make whipping up these impressive dishes super simple. With this must-have guide, cooking everyday meals is downright fun—all made right in the comfort of your own home. Take mealtime up a notch with Half Baked Harvest Every Day today!

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  19. The Big Book of Homemade Products For Your Skin, Health and Home
  20. The Big Book of Homemade Products For Your Skin, Health and Home

    Go green and infuse your life with the healing potential of nature with The Big Book of Homemade Products For Your Skin, Health, and Home. This expanded version of Jan Berry's beloved classic contains a comprehensive guide to 151 easy, all-natural projects for everything from skin care to home cleaners. From Honey Rose & Oat Facial Cleanser to Triple Sunshine Body Butter, you can craft an unbeatable array of homemade products that benefit your health, body, and home! Experience the satisfaction of creating homemade herbal remedies like Lip Gloss Pots, Wildflower Shower Scrub Bars and Cucumber Mint Soap. Or relish in the sweet smell of Lemon Ring Sore Throat Drops and Sleepy Time Bath Bombs coursing through your house. With this incredible resource at your fingertips, you can effortlessly turn down harsh synthetic products while going green in every aspect of your life.

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People Also Ask These Questions About DIY Craft Books

Q: Are there DIY craft books that focus on a wide variety of projects?

  • Yes, there are DIY craft books that focus on a wide variety of projects. Typically, this genre of DIY craft books are referred to as “general craft” books and they focus on crafts ranging from sewing and quilting to beading and much more. 

Q: Are the materials needed for most projects included in DIY craft books easy or hard to find?

  • The accessibility of the materials needed for most projects included in DIY craft books can vary. Certain books focus on specialized projects, which makes the materials a bit harder to find, whereas feature projects tend to use more accessible materials. 

Q: Do most DIY crafts books include photographs or illustrations to help with the projects?

  • Most DIY craft books include photographs or illustrations to help with the projects, oftentimes, showing the finished project, the necessary stages of the project, and the technical aspects required for completion.