DIY Disney Winnie the Pooh + Piglet Handmade Christmas Ornaments

These DIY Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Handmade Christmas Ornaments are perfect for Disney fans of all ages, and so easy to make! Be sure to PIN IT to save it and share with other Disney fans!

DIY Disney Winnie the Pooh + Piglet Handmade Christmas Ornaments

What you need:

Clear Glass Ornaments (get them here)
Yellow Paint
Pink Paint
Blue, Red, Yellow and Black Paint Pens
Ribbons for Hanging

How to make these cute DIY Disney Winnie the Pooh + Piglet Handmade Christmas Ornaments

DIY ornament supplies

The first step when it comes to making our ornaments are filling the ornaments to color them. So for each ornament, you are going to take the corresponding ornament color and squirt a generous amount of paint into the ornament, place your finger over the top and shake until the surface is completely covered.

Now, put your ornaments on top of a cup upside down to allow the excess paint to drip out. This will take a few hours, so I would recommend doing something else while these dry and come back to them later.

Once they are completely dry, we can start decorating! Let’s start with Piglet. Piglet has a pink body with black accents so I took my black paint pen and simply drew lines across the bottom half of the ornament to resemble Piglet’s belly, and then just drew his little face on the top half of the ornament. He is really simple to draw and looks adorable.

DIY Disney Piglet Holiday Ornament

Finish Piglet off with a pink ribbon for drawing and you are good to go.

Now for Pooh bear, it is pretty iconic that Pooh is a yellow bear with that signature red t-shirt. What I did was take my red pen and on one side of my ornament, I drew that red T-shirt and wrote on it with a yellow paint pen his name, Pooh.

We all know how much Pooh Bear loves his Hunny! This is why on the other side of the ornament I drew that well known blue honey pot and wrote “Hunny” on it in black, be sure to do your “y” backwards to really make it look like his pot!

Finish him off with a blue string and you’re all set!