10 Creative DIY Housewarming Gifts For Couples

Welcome to our list of creative DIY housewarming gifts for couples!

Moving into a new house or apartment is a big deal. After all, that’s where your friends, family, or whoever you intend on welcoming into the new pad is going to spend a massive amount of their time. In this case, you’re obviously here to find a good DIY housewarming gift for your favorite couple, which is why we’ve rounded up an abundance of options for you!

This list includes:

  • DIY housewarming decorations for couples
  • DIY food housewarming gifts for couples
  • DIY arts and crafts gifts for couples

So without further ado, pick out the perfect, ultra-creative DIY housewarming gift to make this exciting transition even better for the fabulous couples in your life!


DIY Housewarming Gifts For Couples

  1. DIY Balloon Garland
  2. DIY Balloon Garland

    Add a special touch to housewarming celebrations, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and engagement parties with this eye-catching garland! Instantly freshen up your decor by hanging it as a backdrop, around doorways or garland centerpieces or table runners. Each kit includes an assortment of 10” / 5” latex balloons in white gold chrome & sage green, plus 16.4ft plastic. And all of the latex balloons are made from high-quality natural latex which is created from the sap of rubber trees—an organic material that is fully biodegradable. So there's no need to worry about harming the environment while having fun at your next shindig!

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  3. Candle Making Kit
  4. Candle Making Kit

    Create calming, beautiful accessories for any home with the Candle Making Kit! Not only will couples love this thoughtful and unique housewarming gift but you'll enjoy making it too. This kit has everything you need to make perfect, vibrant candles including top quality soybean wax and sixteen brightly colored candle dyeing blocks to get the exact color you want. The electric stove is 110V-500 W and is extremely easy to use - even if you're a beginner! Once your candles take shape, scent them with 6 essential oils of lavender, lemon, jasmine, rose, mint, and Ylang Ylang for an atmosphere that fits any occasion. With its ease of use, top-notch components, and deep appreciation from friends or family members lucky enough to receive one of your handmade gifts.

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  5. Decorative DIY Crafting Ball
  6. Decorative DIY Crafting Ball

    Do you want to give a unique, special housewarming gift to your favorite couple? This 10-piece set of premium quality plastic decorative balls is just perfect for making customized home decorations that are sure to wow and amaze. The Decorative DIY Crafting Ball has a wide range of uses — you can use it to craft anything from a wall hanging, dreamcatchers, jewelry, wind chimes and so much more. With its high transparency, flexibility and durability, this product will keep their craft projects looking new for longer. Plus, this DIY housewarming gift is made of durable high-quality plastic that is wear resistant and can be reused over and over again. Each ball can easily be divided into two parts for free opening and closing – giving couples total artistic freedom with their creative projects.

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  7. Valentine’s Day DIY Iron-on Patches
  8. Valentine’s Day DIY Iron-on Patches

    Put a little love into a couple’s new home this Valentine's Day or any other time of year with DIY Iron-on Patches! This festive collection of iron-on transfers provides an easy and creative way to make the perfect housewarming gifts for couples. Featuring a variety of playful Valentine's day patterns such as heart-shaped balloons, cars, dwarves and loves, you can mix and match these iron-on transfers to create unique designs that are sure to bring some heartfelt cheer. These patches are made from high quality eco-friendly materials that are both durable and long lasting, so your special designs will stay with you for years to come. Applying them is easy: just insert the patch onto clothing, apply heat with either a press machine or an everyday household iron (no steam!), hold it in place for 10-15 seconds at 266 - 302 Fahrenheit, and then cool down before removing the protective film.

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  9. Round Coaster Resin Molds
  10. Round Coaster Resin Molds

    Create breathtaking gifts that will never be forgotten with Round Coaster Resin Molds. This amazing DIY set contains two square coaster resin molds and two round silicone coaster molds, perfect for making beautiful housewarming gifts for couples. Let your creativity run wild and make the perfect personalized decoration for their home. They're made with epoxy silicone so they offer superior flexibility and reusability, giving you plenty of time to explore your creative capabilities. Plus, the molds are non-toxic, safe, and odorless. Be adventurous with the many materials our Round Coaster Resin Molds are Compatible with – anything from resins or other casting materials can be used to ensure your unique creation pops. Add different pigments, dyes, gems so you craft something totally original every time.

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  11. Hot Sauce Making Kit
  12. Hot Sauce Making Kit

    The Hot Sauce Making Kit from DIY Gift Kits has everything you need to give your beau a unique experience that they won’t soon forget. Using only top-quality ingredients, this kit contains 4 types of heirloom peppers grown on an local family farm. Ancho Pasilla, Chipotle, Habanero and Ghost peppers – all natural and GMO free, bring 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units of heat. Now your one and only can customize their very own hot sauce to their individual tastes by pouring as much (or as little) heat as they like! This boxed up kit gives your special someone all that they need to create personalized deliciousness without ever leaving home. With its fun and inspiring experience, it is perfect for birthdays or any holiday in between!

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  13. DIY Sushi Kit
  14. DIY Sushi Kit

    Treat yourself and your loved ones to a unique and delicious experience with our DIY Sushi Kit! Perfect for a couples' housewarming gifts, anyone can learn the art of sushi-making with this easy-to-follow kit, regardless of skill level. With all the ingredients you need to make eight sushi rolls (48 pieces!), you’ll have a delicious meal or party platter in no time. Fresh fillings of your choice can also be added - the possibilities are endless! Dive into these detailed instructions and create something memorable by turning your sushi party into an unforgettable experience at home. Every time you make sushi, it's as much fun to eat as it is to make! Enjoy special moments with friends, family or loved ones while making a delicious culinary treat together.

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  15. Chocolate Truffle Making Kit
  16. Chocolate Truffle Making Kit

    This kit contains all of the quality ingredients to create six unique types of truffles in your own kitchen. Whether you’re a baking novice or an expert chocolatier, this kit has everything you need to make decadent desserts. Impress friends and family with the delicious creations that this kit provides, such as espresso powder and oreo pieces, peanut butter and peanuts, graham crackers and marshmallows, or get creative and mix flavors for one-of-a-kind gourmet truffles! Find out what type of flavor combinations suit your palette as you create perfect mouthfuls of deliciousness. As a bonus, each box comes with easy-to-follow instructions that allow making truffles to be a stress free fun experience for everyone involved. This Chocolate Truffle Making Kit is perfect for some quality time with family or a loved one. Create delicious treats while catching up on old stories or just spend time together in the kitchen.

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  17. Lip Balm Making Kit
  18. Lip Balm Making Kit

    Welcome your friends to their new home with something useful and fun – the Lip Balm Making Kit! Whether they’re a DIY enthusiast or a cosmetics connoisseur, they’ll love being able to make their own premium lip care products. This complete kit contains everything they need to craft custom moisturizing balms in whatever flavors they choose. They’ll join the ranks of professional makers as their soft, supple lips thank them for the beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, essential oils, and other SheaMoisture craft supplies included in the kit. With its easy-to-follow instruction manual for crafting luxurious lip balms, this is sure to be one of the most memorable housewarming gifts for couples.

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  19. Bath Bomb Making Kit
  20. Bath Bomb Making Kit

    Welcome to the perfect housewarming gift for couples! This DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit is made in the USA with all-natural and GMO-free ingredients. You'll get baking soda, Epsom salts, and essential oils – choose from lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, or grapefruit – to make spa-worthy homemade bath bombs. Soaking in a handmade bath bomb with these 100% pure essential oils will reap therapeutic rewards thanks to the magnesium found in the Epsom salts alongside exclusive aromas. Invite your friends over and give them an unforgettable self-care experience as you learn how to craft your own exquisite bath bombs together. Treat yourself and loved ones alike to an effortless self-care miracle with this beloved make-your-own bath bomb kit today.

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People Also Ask These Questions About DIY Housewarming Gifts For Couples

Q: What are some creative DIY housewarming gifts for couples?

  • There are a ton of super creative DIY housewarming gifts for couples. Some of the best ideas include personalized doormats, succulent gardens, photo collages, string art pieces, baked goods, herb gardens, and handmade throw pillows.

Q: What are some affordable DIY housewarming gifts for couples?

  • Some affordable DIY housewarming gifts for couples can include but are not limited to personalized coasters, soy candles, potted herbs, home decor signs, homemade blankets and quilts, baked goods and desserts, and handmade soaps. 

Q: How much should I spend on DIY housewarming gifts for couples?

  • How much you should spend on DIY housewarming gifts for couples largely depends on your budget. However, generally a housewarming gift is about making the giftee feel special. If the budget is limited, a DIY gift is a solid alternative. But you could certainly spend less than $50 and get the couple something more than satisfactory.