Easy DIY Painting Hacks, Tips and Tricks

These easy DIY Painting Hacks, Tips and Tricks will make you look like a pro, even if you are a total newbie!

Easy DIY Painting Hacks Tips Tricks

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Painting the walls of your kitchen, bedroom, living room or another area is the fastest way to freshen up your home. It is true that a procedure like this requires some serious work and time but the final results will be definitely worth it. Most people prefer to hire professional painters for the job, but you have to keep in mind that this will cost more money. There is also another option, and that’s to take care of the job yourself. There is really nothing complicated whether you are painting the walls for the first time or simply repainting. So, don’t hesitate any more and start with the plans.

“Summer and Spring are usually the best seasons for painting and other improvement around the house,” according to Barnet RenovationMates. Even though the procedure itself won’t take a lot of time, you still have to get tools, paint and prepare the room. So, the sooner you start with the plans, the better for you.

Easy Painting Tips

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Easy DIY Painting Hacks, Tips and Tricks

• Preparations – Painting is a messy job and that is why the first thing you have to do is to cover all furniture, floors and objects. For perfect results you also have to fill the holes and the cracks on the wall with spackle. Then you can gently sand as well. In case there is dust and dirt on the walls, it is best to clean them with a damp cloth. You can apply primer before painting, so that you can extend the results of your work. In order to protect the edges, light switches and other areas from the pain, you can cover them with painter’s tape.

• Necessary tools – Getting all the necessary tools in advance is the best strategy. In case you are worried that you may forget something, you can make a list of everything necessary including putty knife, spackle, roller cover and tray, brush and sandpaper. Those are the main tools you will certainly need.

• Choosing the right color and paint – Deciding on a specific brand and color could turn into a hard decision. Some people need months just to pick the right color for their rooms, but we advise you not to waste that much time. The more you hesitate, the harder it will be to make a decision. When it comes to the color, it is best to choose one that is suitable for the furniture and design of the room. The bright colors will make any small room look bigger, while the dark are more suitable for bigger premises. As for the type of the paint, the latex is the better choice. Since it is a water-based paint, it is easy to clean and dries quicker than the oil one.

• Simple techniques – Painting straight from the can is not a good decision. Better pour some of the paint in the roller tray and simply add more paint while you work. The painting will be also easier, if you use you brush first for the cutting of the edges, ceiling and other areas. Stretching the paint will only lead to unsatisfying results. It is best to use long strokes while applying the paint and also wait for the first coat to dry before adding the second one.

• Cleaning – Once all walls are dry and you are satisfied with the results, it is time for a little cleaning. An all-purpose cleaner will be more than enough for the removing of any paint stains and grime. Don’t forget to clean your tools as well, especially the brushes by using dish soap.

You may think that relying on professionals for the painting is the easier and less expensive alternative but that’s not true. It is normal to feel insecure, especially in case you’ve never done this before yourself. There is nothing to worry about because once you paint your home you will see that it is not only easy but also fun.