Getting Married on a Budget: 14 Money-Saving Wedding Hacks

Getting Married on a Budget: 14 Money-Saving Wedding Hacks

Are you recently engaged and looking to save a few bucks on your way to a wonderful wedding? Worry not! There are plenty of ways to snip a dollar or two without gipping yourself – or your guests – of style or quality.

We have all the details surrounding money-saving hacks that will have your wallet staying afloat while sinking any remnants of budgeting stress. We promise, your bank account will thank us.

14 Money-Saving Wedding Hacks

Change The Date

budget saving wedding hacks

Go with a non-Saturday date, you’d be surprised by how much you could save. Even choosing a Friday or Sunday can greatly expand your options for venues while creating a little extra wiggle room on your package price. Remember, everyone wants a Saturday night wedding – it’s a coveted spot – so that means the prices will be plumped for these dates. Instead, opt for a day that’s less in demand.

DIY the Decor

We already knew that DIYing could save some money, but if you start early enough you can be extra savvy when shopping for materials. Spots like Michaels, Joanns, and even Target, can save you a bunch of supplies with the continuous stream of coupons and money-saving apps that you can download and utilize.

Check online for phone coupons, pop in your e-mail to gather newsletters, and download Target Circle to start saving immediately.

E-vites Work!

Invitations don’t have to eat up a chunk of your budget. This is the 21-st century, and honestly, you’ll probably get more RSVP’s by going electronic. And you’ll be saving the trees! It’s a win-win. Check out sites such as Greenvelope to learn how to get the necessary information sent to your guests in style without any of the printing costs.

Playlists Work

You don’t need a full band. You don’t even need a DJ. In fact, a great set of speakers and an amazing playlist can keep your reception rocking all night long. If you do decide to go with an entertainment package, do your homework and compare the bottom lines. But if you don’t, grab your most extroverted friend to act as MC.

Purchase Wholesale

Floral arrangements can be DIYed as well and really cut the cost of the wedding across the board. You can even purchase flowers wholesale online. Also, going with in-season petals will help the ticket price as well, this way the blooms don’t have to be shipping from across the globe. Check out sites such as FiftyFlowers or Blooms by the Box.

Stock the Bar

If you want to save money on your wedding plans, do not have an open bar. Instead, have a party beforehand and dub it the “stock the bar” party. Friends and family members can drop by and bring wine and other spirits that can be used on the big day. If this isn’t for you, you can choose just a couple of signature drinks for the day which will definitely keep the alcohol tab a bit lower.

Serve Yourself

Sit-down meals cost a bit more than buffet options, because you’ll be paying for extra labor. You can also recruit a local restaurant to cater instead of a larger company. Not only will you be supporting small, but you’ll get a far better deal than using the larger names. And it’s a great way to bring in local flavor to the event as well. Is your venue located in a space known for their hot chicken? Lobster rolls? Local bites are the best!

Buy A Preowned Gown

Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars, why not become the savviest shopper around? There are spots where you can find your dream dress for just a fraction of a designer’s cost. Where at? Well, sites such as PreOwned Wedding Dresses and Nearly Newlywed are just a few of the best spots. Through these platforms, you can find a gorgeous gown that’s either been gently loved or came right off the sales floor.

Don’t be scared of checking out some local consignment stores either. Or stalk some area boutiques for when they call for an annual or bi-annual sample sale.

Print Per Couple

We love this idea! If you do end up printing menus and programs, don’t print one for each and every guest. Instead, you can cut those costs by printing per couple. Again, you’re saving the trees, and making a more realistic option for your big day.

Seasonal Flavors

Whatever is in season, use it on the menu … and in the decoration. This really applies well to fruits and veggies. Gourds for fall and citrus for summer. These bites are fresh and easier to get in their home months. Pay homage to that by utilizing them in centerpieces and within your appetizers and desserts!

Cut Transportation

You can save thousands of dollars by nixing the need for transportation. Decide on a venue that you can hold both your ceremony and reception in. Eliminating the needs of cars or shuttles for the guests and wedding party also cuts down on stressors!

Double the Ceremony Florals

The flowers that decorated the ceremony, can double as dressing for the reception. Plan this idea out ahead of time so you flippers (the ones that flip the event from ceremony to reception) know what they’re doing. There are so many wonderful ways to repurpose your flowers, including using bouquets as cake table accents or centerpieces for the sweetheart table.

Recruit Friends

Instead of paying for set-up and break-downs of the event. Ask for friends’ help and create your very own clean-up crew! You can pay them a smaller amount of this can be their gift to you in lieu of something tangible. You’ll save so much going this route, you just have to ask!

Utilize Social Media

Follow your favorite vendors online and check up on their current offers. You may get lucky! Every once in a while a business will share special savings or promotions occurring through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too!