10 Most Magical Harry Potter Gifts For Adults

Welcome to our list of the most magical Harry Potter gifts for adults!

Whether you’re a witch, a wizard, or even a muggle, you’ve probably experienced the indelible impact of the Harry Potter franchise on your adolescent years. Now, you’re an adult and, dare we say, a full-blown Potterhead! That’s why we’ve rounded up the most magical Harry Potter gifts for you or any other Harry Potter superfans you know. Immerse yourself and feel like you’re taking a trip to Diagon Alley (No, not diagonally!) or to Hogsmeade or like you’re cooking with the elves to prepare delicious meals in the Great Hall (Yes, we’ve even got Hogwarts’ approved recipes). Perhaps you’re in a stealthier mood? We may have a Marauder’s Map-inspired gift or two ready to help you avoid the Filch’s in your life. 

This list includes:

  • Harry Potter cookbooks
  • Harry Potter games and activities
  • Harry Potter mugs and tumblers
  • Harry Potter collectibles

And much more! So without further ado, pick out the perfect adult Harry Potter gift for yourself or for any other Potterheads!


Useful Housewarming Gifts For Couples

  1. Marauder’s Map Mug
  2. Marauder’s Map Mug

    Welcome all Hogwarts fans to the ultimate Harry Potter-inspired gift: the Marauder's Map Mug! Let your inner mischief come alive as you add hot liquid to reveal a magical, charmed map of Hogwarts - exact replica of the one Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs used in their adventures. This 16 oz color changing mug is an excellent addition to any collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. It boasts beautiful embossed images of two footprints with the famous quote "Mischief Managed" along its side, making it a must-have for anyone looking to show their true allegiance to the fandom. Whether you're enjoying a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, this mug is sure to help make your day more special with its reassuring reminders straight from Hogwarts. This one-of-a-kind collectible helps ensure that Harry Potter remains close by at all times - no matter where your adventure takes you. It also serves as an instant conversation starter among fellow Potterheads – be sure to keep it handy wherever you go! So get yours today and— Mischief Managed!

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  3. Harry Potter Baking Book
  4. Harry Potter Baking Book

    Transform your kitchen into the Great Hall with the delicious recipes from The Official Harry Potter Baking Book! Whether you’re a serious Hogwarts fan or just someone who loves their sweet treats, this book has something for everyone. With over 40 delicious and magical recipes inspired by the iconic Harry Potter movie series, you will be baking in no time. Filled with charming photography that brings each recipe to life, this official cookbook is sure to delight every fan. From Pumpkin Pie Pasties to Owl Muffins, Luna's Spectrespecs Cookies to Hogwarts Gingerbread, you can create delicious treats right at home. Each recipe is complete with nutritional information and dietary information so you can bake with ease. Take a step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter and capture all those magical flavors! Pick up one copy of The Official Harry Potter Baking Book today and get ready to bake your way through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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  5. Marauder’s Map Puzzle
  6. Marauder’s Map Puzzle

    Are you a Harry Potter fan looking for the perfect challenge? The Marauder's Map Puzzle from The Noble Collection is what you need! This officially authorized by Warner Brothers Harry Potter-themed jigsaw puzzle will bring plenty of magic and enchantment to your game time. It features a 1000 piece, 35 x 13 inch oversize design that looks amazing when put together. Get ready to explore every corner of Hogwarts with this Marauder's Map Puzzle. Go behind the walls to sneak a peek at Diagon Alley or gaze into the Great Hall - all without having to leave the comfort of your own home! We guarantee hours upon hours of magical fun for adults, made possible by the precision quality manufacturing from The Noble Collection. What are you waiting for? Add a touch of wizardry to your life today with this must-have Harry Potter collectible!

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  7. Harry Potter Fun Facts Game
  8. Harry Potter Fun Facts Game

    Nostalgic and entertaining, this Harry Potter Fun Facts Game is the dream present for any fan of and lover of the magical world. Get ready to be surprised by amusing, incredible or shocking facts – even the most dedicated fan won’t know everything! Broomstick and Sorting Hat at the ready - let's cast a spell over the knowledge contained within these pages. Let us begin! This bestseller is sure to delight everyone regardless of age. Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe was in the bath when he got another life-changing call – that he had been cast as Harry Potter? Tom Felton, who played Malfoy in the films, had such a bad sweet tooth that his cloak’s pocket had to be sewn shut! We bet you didn’t hear about J.K Rowling changing her name to publish The Philosopher's Stone either. Those are just some glimpses into this world of incredible fun from the wizarding universe that await with the Harry Potter Fun Facts Game. With almost 400 astonishing facts about your favorite characters, places and spells from all 8 movies, this book captures every moment magically - with its beautiful full-color cover design too.

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  9. Harry Potter Beanie Hat
  10. Harry Potter Beanie Hat

    Introducing the Harry Potter Beanie Hat – perfect for passionate Potterheads! If you'd love a way to show off your fandom with style, then this beanie is the absolute must-have. Like the Hogwarts wizarding world itself, this unisex hat will transport you into a place of excitement and wonder every time you wear it. The high-quality fabric is designed to keep you warm and comfy in any weather, so don't miss out on the opportunity to add some Harry Potter magic to your wardrobe. Match it up with your favorite scarf or hoodie for extra charm and nostalgia. Your friends won't miss that unique touch of Harry Potter when they see you wearing the iconic logos twisted into an enchanting design. You'll even find words from JK Rowling's famous book series delicately stitched throughout the hat band.

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  11. Ravenclaw Rules Throw Blanket
  12. Ravenclaw Rules Throw Blanket

    Are you ready to experience the ultimate Harry Potter merchandise? Look no further than Warner Bros.' Harry Potter "Ravenclaw Rules" Adult Soft Throw with Sleeves. Whether you're a fan of the school house or just a lover of all things Harry Potter, this throw blanket is guaranteed to please! Wrapping yourself up in 100% polyester while lounging and experiencing the magical world of Harry Potter has never been easier or cozier. Designed with an opening in the back, this soft throw allows for full coverage in front, while long sleeves let you stay nice and warm while still being able to move around freely. Not only that, but at 48"W x 71"L it's designed to fit nearly any adult comfortably! Keep your throw looking fantastic for as long as possible by machine washing cold separately using a delicate cycle and mild detergent and machine drying separately on a gentle cycle. Trust us—this throw is here to stay! Grab your Warner Bros.' Harry Potter "Ravenclaw Rules" Adult Soft Throw with Sleeves today is the perfect gift for any friend or family member who’s always wanted a taste of Wizarding magic.

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  13. Platform 9 ¾ Tumbler
  14. Platform 9 ¾ Tumbler

    Bring the magic of Harry Potter to your morning coffee routine with the Platform 9 3/4 Tumbler! This enchanting ceramic tumbler is perfect for showing off your love of all things wizardry. Featuring a classic Platform 9 3/4 logo on the front and a heat reveal Hogwarts Express design when adding a warm beverage, it'll make you feel like you're ready to board the Hogwarts Express just as easily. Plus, it's sure to bring good vibes whether it's gurdyroot tea, hot butterbeer, or whatever else you choose to fill it with. At 17 oz., it's the perfect size for that morning jolt of caffeine or an afternoon pick-me-up. Make sure any HP fan in your life has an extra special start every day by gifting them this magical drinkware! It's officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise that is fun and functional – what more could one ask for? It'll make an excellent surprise no matter what the occasion – birthdays, Christmas, Easter – and its unique heat reveal feature will never cease to amaze anyone who drinks from it! Be sure not to miss out on this classic piece of Harry Potter memorabilia!

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  15. Harry Potter Color Changing Umbrella
  16. Harry Potter Color Changing Umbrella

    This Hogwarts Houses umbrella measures 36 in (D) and 21 in (H) when expanded and is made of nylon, metal, and plastic material. But the most amazing thing of all? When it's wet, the umbrella will change colors right before your eyes! Get ready to be amazed by this enchanting Harry Potter accessory - your friends and family won't believe it when they see it.

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  17. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuitw
  18. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuitw

    Are you a true fan of Harry Potter? Test your knowledge and show off your wizarding skills with Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter game! With 600 trivia questions, split into six categories – The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Spells and Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People and Animals and Magical Creatures – this is the perfect game for any serious Potterhead! Designed as a compact travel game, this wedge-shaped case and its contents can easily fit in your purse or backpack for on-the-go fun. Collect cards by correctly answering 12 questions to be crowned the winner among friends and family. If you want to prove that there’s more to your love of Harry Potter than cosplay or memorizing potions recipes, then grab Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter game today!

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  19. Harry Potter Calligraphy Set
  20. Harry Potter Calligraphy Set

    Do you want to write like a wizard? Are you looking for the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans? This set is perfect for any Potterhead adult who loves to express themselves in a unique, magical way. This exquisite set comes with all the materials and tools to help you unleash your creative writing abilities: a feather pen, 15 ml bottle of ink, 5 different sizes of nibs, 3 sealing wax sticks, pen stand base, tea wax, wax spoon, writing paper, envelope, letter opener, and a beautiful gift box making this set look impressive on any shelf. The natural feather pen lends superior control and stability providing a smooth delicate touch and relaxed experience while writing. You can adjust the nib size according to what suits your style best - smaller nibs are ideal for intricate details such as drawing or detailed characters and large ones are great for small words. Plus the antique brass head stamp creates detailed imprints that make your paper look authentically magical! And it will perfectly fit in with the final touch which is courtesy of the 3 sealing wax sticks letting you seal off important documents or letters adding those details that make them look extra special. Your Harry Potter fan will love every single detail of this fascinating calligraphy set as well as its useful pieces.

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People Also Ask These Questions About Harry Potter Gifts For Adults

Q: What are some good Harry Potter gifts for adults?

  • There are plenty of good Harry Potter gifts for adults. For instance, you could get your adult Potterhead friend a Harry Potter-themed shirt, a Potter-themed mug, or journals, necklaces, books, board games, candles, tote bags, kitchen supplies, or tech in the Harry Potter style. 

Q: What are some affordable Harry Potter gifts for adults?

  • Affordable Harry Potter gifts for adults can be found in abundance. Check out glassware, clothing, jewelry, books, backpacks, and much more — oftentimes, you’ll find that they are well within your gifting budget

Q: What are some good DIY Harry Potter gifts for adults?

  • There are several good DIY Harry Potter gifts for adults. For example, you could make a handmade Harry Potter shirt or costume, paint a Harry Potter-themed mug, a homemade journal, HP-themed bracelets, and much more. With a lot of creativity and a little craftiness, you can create a pretty magical DIY Harry Potter gift for your adult Potterhead friends!