Hidden Diaper Caddy DIY

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Hidden Diaper Caddy DIY

As the manager of a household and a busy mama, I’m constantly on the go between running errands, getting the kids to appointments and going back and forth to work. It seems like I’m always in the car and hardly ever at home these days. Busy mama that I am, it’s no surprise that my little ones also accompany me on about 90% of my daily errands so not only am I in the car but they’re all nestled in the backseat as well, along with all of their belongings and my kid related necessities. Toys, blankies, backpacks full of odds and ends and diaper bags are just some of our must-haves for whenever we load up for a day of running errands and embarking on adventures.

Out of everything that I have on hand when I have the little ones with me, the diaper bag is my number one must-have accessory. Everything I need to placate and care for my army of littles is contained within one bag and I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t know what to do without them. Bottles, sippy cups, extra changes of clothing, pacifiers, etc. are just a few of my must-haves for our daily travel. After all, without these things I’m sure I’d be driven swiftly and surely insane with the ever changing needs of my children. I know the same can be said for a lot of my readers; diaper bags are essential to any outing.


I don’t ever pack anything into our diaper bag that isn’t needed on a regular basis. The extra change of clothes is needed more often than you’d think, bottles and sippy cups are essential to keep little ones hydrated and happy and pacifiers are a great way to accomplish the former or even to comfort if the little ones start to get fussy. Of course, there are two things that I haven’t covered yet that are the most important things in the entire bag and that’s diapers and wipes. Holy cow I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a supply of diapers and wipes with me everywhere I went.

Rule of thumb for my family is that if we have somewhere to go, someone is going to need a diaper change the second we reach our destination. I’m always having to locate the nearest restroom for diaper changes and I’m always grateful for the stash of wipes and diapers that I’m always replenishing before leaving the house.

But, with that said, I loathe carrying the diaper bag around my own house! You know what I mean… The changing table is upstairs, but the last thing you want to do is carry the baby up and down 10 times a day just to change their diaper! So, you think, you’ll just use the diaper bag downstairs that houses all of your on-the-go baby necessities, am I right?

Sure, it’s easy – just set the diaper bag down somewhere in the living room, and viola, instant changing station! That is, until baby decides to decorate your living room with diapers, and TP your entertainment center with wipes. That’s why I decided to make a “hidden” diaper caddy in the living room, using real, adult furniture – my end table!


Hidden Diaper Caddy DIY

Chair Side End Table with Door Magazine RackIf you don’t already have an end table with a cabinet door, you can head to Walmart.com where you can snag an amazing deal on this Chair Side Table with Decorative Framed Door, on Rollback for only $69.00 plus FREE shipping or FREE store pickup!

I love mine, and even though I paid more than that, it has paid for itself and then some! And, because the diapers and wipes are hidden, the baby has no desire to get into it and make a mess!

To make the cabinet functional, you’ll want to grab some cute little wicker baskets (you can click here to grab a great deal on some!), and arrange your diapers, wipes and other baby necessities inside. Here’s how mine looks:

Hidden Diaper Caddy DIY

That’s it! See how easy and awesome that was?!

Why Huggies® is My Go-To Diaper Brand

Huggies® Little Snugglers and Huggies® Natural Care wipes are two of my favorite products that we’ve tried. As a mom I’ve tried many other diapers and wipe combos in the past but so far Huggies® brand has been our favorite. The unbeatable price at Walmart (just $8.97 for a jumbo pack) plus the fact that our littles seem to love them as much as we do, are just two reasons why we love the Huggies® brand so much. The Little Snugglers and Natural Care wipes ($2.37 per tub) are great for our little ones skin as they’re gentle and comfortable. Thanks to the GentleAbsorb Liner that is comprised of tiny, soft pillows that provide a cushiony layer of protection between your little ones skin and any messes they create, the Little Snugglers are a great option for your little ones bottom. You can find these items in the baby/diaper/wipes aisle at your local Walmart store!


Read more about these awesome products here

One of my favorite features for the Little Snugglers diapers is the wetness indicator. So many times I’ve felt bad about waiting to change a diaper because I haven’t noticed it was time to change but thanks to the wetness indicator I know exactly when they need to be changed, every time. Of course, if you have a brand new addition to the family, the Umbilical Cutout feature is also nice because it allows your sweet little ones healing belly button the chance to heal without the material of the diaper rubbing against the skin and irritating it.

Whether you’re a seasoned mama or a first time mama, Huggies® has you covered with their Little Snugglers and Natural Care wipes. You won’t be disappointed with the comfort and durability they offer while being soft for sensitive skin and protective against messes.