Homemade Washing Machine Cleaner (Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar)

Homemade Washing Machine Cleaner

Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

My newest fave – Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar! They sent me this super cute gift “bucket” and a gift card for my honest review on their product. I’m in love, and you will be, too!

When it comes to cleaning my home I take a lot of pride in the fact that I try to avoid as many harmful chemicals as possible. It wasn’t long ago that I made the switch from my old favorite brands and decided to try out some of the more eco-friendly, family safe options instead. After trying a few new brands, a friend brought it to my attention that I could save money while still sticking with my mission to keep yucky, chemical laden products out of my home and away from my children. They started by introducing me to the many different applications of Vinegar. It was truly amazing to learn that I could do so much with something I always have on hand. Naturally, when I was given the opportunity to work with Four Monks to review their Cleaning Vinegar products, I was all too happy for the chance!

As an all purpose cleaner, Four Monks is non-toxic, eco-friendly and pure of heart. Whether you’re cleaning your carpets, bathroom, jewelry or kitchen, this powerful cleaner is just the thing to get the job done while sticking to your eco-friendly regime. It’s perfect for whatever “dirty” situation you have and uses range from cleaning coffee pots, removing grime from the bathroom and even restoring the luster to your gold jewelry. As an added bonus, Four Monks Cleaner is also tough on messes but gentle on your nose, unlike other powerful cleaners that can send your nose into overdrive or even bring about nasty headaches. My favorite way to use it is in the kitchen – on the counters and the sink, since that’s where I spend most of time (making yummy recipes here on the blog and cooking meals for the family)!

Where to Buy Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

The Aroma Controlled Vinegar formula and the Citrus Mint version of the Four Monks cleaner are both great choices when it comes to cleaning up tough messes. Both are great for removing stains, odors and grime without the use of harmful chemicals. You can rest easy knowing that it’s safe for the environment but most importantly it’s safe for use around your pets and little ones.

Where To Buy Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar

Wondering where you can buy Four Monks? Just head to your local Walmart Supercenter and find them in the vinegar aisle! And be sure to print this $1 OFF Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar coupon to save a little moolah!

I’ve learned a lot of nifty uses for Four Monks Vinegar and would love to share them with my readers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as just how many uses there are for household vinegar and just how easy it is to pull them off. I know I was! Like, did you know, you can clean your washing machine with vinegar! Simply “clean the gasket with baking soda and Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar to get rid of the odor.”

Homemade Washing Machine Cleaner

DIY Homemade Washing Machine Cleaner

Get rid of that smelly washing machine and save money by making your own washing machine cleaner. Here’s how:


2 cups Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup water
Scrub sponge


In a small bowl, mix together the baking soda and water. In a measuring cup, pour in 2 cups of Four Monks Vinegar (scent of choice). Add the baking soda mixture to your detergent dispenser and pour the vinegar into the drum. Turn your machine onto the hottest setting and let your washer do all the work. Once done, take your scrubber and scrub the opening of the machine to remove the built-on gunk that’s accumulated.  That’s it!

I also found these great hacks online at VinegarTips.com and LiveLoveDIY. Here’s a summary:

  • Using Vinegar to clean your floors: Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar in a gallon container filled with warm water. After mixing you can just pull out your cleaning sponge and go to work on your hard floor. You’ll be pleased with just how shiny your floors look when you’re done.
  • Using Vinegar to clean your dishwasher: Simply pour 1 cup of vinegar into your empty machine and let it run through the cycle. Not only does this remove unsightly soap buildup but it also is said to extend the life of your machine.
  • Clean your coffee pot: Simply fill the water resevoir with vinegar and let it run through. Afterwards just run the cycle through with water 2-3 times to make sure you get the vinegar out and your machine is cleaned and sanitized.
  • Clean your stainless steel appliances: Soak a cloth or sponge in vinegar and then wipe them down. Follow up with a clean cloth and your appliances will gleam.
  • Reclaim your sink and drains by pouring in a cup of vinegar and mixing it with a cup of baking soda. Make sure you stop up the drain and let the mixture sit for a good 5 minutes before taking your sponge or cloth to the surrounding area. After it’s soaked you can rinse with hot water and then start scrubbing. Your sink will be beautiful when you’re done!

12 Helpful Ways to Use Vinegar

How and what to clean with vinegar

12 Helpful Ways to Use Vinegar

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