How To Have An Easy and Less Stressful PCS/Military Move

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How To Have An Easy and Less Stressful PCS/Military Move

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Making the decision to pack up and move your family to a new home has always held a certain measure of adventure for me. It’s always incredibly bittersweet to leave a home that you’ve made so many wonderful memories in but we’ve always made the most of it. I think saying goodbye to the life you’ve built and welcoming a new one can be invigorating though. It may be sad to leave your family home but the very idea that you’re moving to a new place and starting fresh is an amazing feeling. You can leave the bad experiences you may have had behind you, treating your new home as a blank canvas where anything is possible. 

This is what I’ve told myself on the many nights that I’ve laid awake mulling over our move to South Dakota. The days have been flying by so quickly since we decided to re-enlist in the military and PCS to South Dakota from Texas, but it’s one we have not regretted.

Now that the path we’ve chosen is clear, it’s been a flurry of activity in our home as we prepare for the move. The house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, we need to pack all of our belongings up for the move and we also need to make a decision about which moving company we’ll be going with. All in all it has been a bit of an exhausting process but I’m still feeling the same optimism and excitement that I first felt when we talked about the possibility of a move. 

Moving to a new place is exciting sure but it can also be stressful when you think about furnishing your new place, if you can’t take your old furnishings with you. Believe it or not a lot of families have to leave their old furniture behind and only take the bare necessities with them when they move–this can be amazingly stressful (I can’t tell you how many times we have literally thrown furniture in the dump at the apartment complex because we couldn’t shut the moving truck door, or just donated it to charity because we were afraid of being over the weight limit for our DITY!). Sure, they’ll have all of their other belongings with them when they arrive to their new home but without couches to sit on, a table to eat meals at or beds to sleep on, a home doesn’t really feel like much of a home. Luckily there are solutions to this problem that are easy to come by and fairly affordable too. 

CORT Furniture Rental is just one such solution. As a furniture rental company, CORT has made it their mission to provide services and solutions for families and individuals who are making the transition from one home to the next. Relocating is stressful enough without having to worry about buying a whole new collection of furniture, so, CORT has provided a host of their own professionals to help you and your family not only furnish your new place but they are also available to help you navigate the area and find you a place to live as well. Talk about service! 

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At CORT, they know that moving is already stressful enough without having to add in buying completely new furniture on top of it. The stress alone is enough to avoid buying new but your budget can also be taken into consideration. Moving is very expensive these days so having to buy new furniture on top of moving and getting settled can make your already stretched budget seem suffocating and unrealistic. That’s why renting from CORT is a great idea. It’s so convenient and affordable too so you don’t have to feel bad about renting what you need for a few months until you can get settled and back on stable ground with your finances. 

As the national industry leader for furniture rental, CORT is a no brainer if you want to rent furniture while getting back on your feet. Especially if you’re making a big move across country and your budget is groaning. They have affordable packages that can meet everyone’s needs, whether you’re moving as a family or an individual. It’s furniture on demand and is there when you need it and gone when you don’t! And, you can even rent piece-by-piece if you don’t need a whole-room package. Talk about a less stressful PCS! Be sure to check them out at this link!

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