How to Make Your Fruits & Vegetables Last Longer

These tips on How to Make Your Fruits & Vegetables Last Longer will help you save money and enjoy your fresh fruits and veggies even longer!

How To Make Fruits and Vegetables Last Longer

How to Make Your Fruits & Vegetables Last Longer

Are you sick of buying fresh fruits and veggies, only to have them perish within 48 hours? Wondering if you’re doing something wrong? I know I was. So I scoured the ‘net and came up with some ways to help you make your fruits and vegetables last longer.

Make berries last longer with vinegar! Check out these tips here. However, if you are not ready to eat them within a day or so, store berries in a plastic bag, and avoid pre-washing them (this can help extend the life for up to 2 weeks)!

Once you prepare your guacamole, immediately spray with cooking spray, and be sure to leave the pit in. to make you guacamole last longer!

Make your tomatoes last longer by storing them at room temperature.  Don’t store them in the fridge because it will make them mushy sooner and tomatoes lose flavor when stored below 55 degrees. Also, keep your freshly picked (or store-bought) tomatoes out of direct sunlight.

Make Bananas Last Longer

photo: Sunny Simple Life

To help make your bananas last longer, wrap them tightly in the produce bag with a twisty tie.

To make bell peppers last longer, store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper.

Store oranges in a plastic bag in the refrigerator drawer til ready to eat (will last 1-2 months). Once oranges have been sliced, keep them in a tight container to keep moisture out (they should last for about 2 days).

Store Onions in Pantyhose to Last Longer

Store your onions in pantyhose. They will last up to 8 months … WOW! See the tutorial here.