How To Sanitize Your Cutting Boards – An Easy 3-Step Solution

Check out these tips on How To Sanitize Your Cutting Boards to prevent harmful bacteria from building up and making you sick!

How To Clean Your Cutting Chopping Board


Cleaning and sanitizing your cutting boards goes beyond washing with soap and water. You need to sanitize them and remove the odors to get them the cleanest they can be, and here’s how:

Step One:

Clean your boards with hot soap and water (this is very basic and normally the only step people do – but there’s more!)

Step Two:

Remove odors from your cutting boards by scrubbing with salt and lemon juice

Slice a lemon

Sprinkle a layer of sea of Kosher salt over the board

Scrub the board with the halved lemon, squeezing gently

Rinse completely

Step Three:

To sanitize your cutting boards, follow these steps:

Fill a sink with 1 gallon of water

Add 1 Tbsp of unscented bleach

Let stand for 10 minutes

Rinse with hot water and let air-dry

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