How To Tell When Your Fans Are Online On Facebook

How To Tell When Your Fans Are Online On Facebook

Wondering how to navigate the latest version of Facebook Insights? One of the most important stats to know is how to tell when your fans are online and when to post to reach the most amount of fans.

How To Tell When Your Fans Are Online On Facebook

With Facebook organic reach hovering around the lowest rate ever, it’s been a struggle for a lot of bloggers and small businesses to reach the very fans who “Liked” them in the first place, without having to pay-to-play. But there is good news – – Facebook Insights allows page managers to view when most of your fans are online, displayed on a graph in your local time zone.

How To Tell When Your Fans Are Online

To view this information, simply follow these steps:

1) Head to your Facebook page and click on “Insights” at the very top


2) Scroll down halfway until you see “Your 5 Most Recent Posts” (I edited out identifiable info)


3) Click on the “See All Posts” at the bottom of that box. You’ll see a graph that looks like this:


Now you can view all the juicy statistics of when your fans are online! According to the graph above, it looks like the peak time was 7:00PM local time over the past week. Funny how this one looks like a whale (or it is just me?) 🙂 So by looking at this info, I would say the best times to post my most juiciest, quality content would be from about 12:00PM through 8:00PM.  That gives me a pretty nice window to post relevant content my audience would be interested in.  Obviously, I wouldn’t want to schedule something for 2:00AM when most people are sleeping. Granted, you would probably have much less competition in the newsfeed and more of chance to show up, but I would say not much of a chance for engagement.

So, see how easy peasy that was? I know, Facebook is always changing the game up. Chances are, if something is glitchy on FB or acting funky, they are updating a feature. Or, as I like to say, fixing something that was never really broken to begin with. But that’s neither here nor there 😉

What did you think of these tips for How To Tell When Your Fans Are Online On Facebook? Have you been wondering where Facebook stashed the times your fans were online? Don’t worry, it took me lots of clicking, too 😉