How To Thaw Out Play-doh (I forgot I ordered it – it FROZE)

I was surprised when I searched Google for How To Thaw Out Play-doh, and sadly came up with 1 result. I mean, surely I couldn’t only be the second person in the world to experience such a thing (could I?)…

How To Thaw Out Play-doh (I forgot I ordered it - it FROZE)

So, we live in Minnesota. Moved here last June due to the hubby’s new job. We heard about how cold it gets up here, such as -40 below one year, but it was quickly dismissed. “We’ll bundle up real good,” we said. Well, here it is, December, and we have a huge snow storm expected to hit this weekend, with windchills -30 degrees!!) And since it’s almost Christmas, I’ve been ordering gifts online, one of which happened to be the Play-doh Sweet Shoppe Set. To keep it hidden from our daughter, we put it in the “shop/garage,” completely forgetting the sub zero temperatures we’ve been having lately.

If you’ve never lived (or visited) a place where temperature reach below zero, don’t worry, you’re not missing anything. Why? Because it hurts. Immediately when you open the door to go outside, the bitter air hits your face like someone punched you. Or you’re being pricked with icicles everywhere.

Anyway, needless to say, the Play-doh is a solid, frozen mess, I’m sure. And in order for my eight-year-old to thoroughly enjoy her present, I’ll need to thaw it out.

Yup, I need to thaw out the Play-doh. Hopefully, I don’t forget. And, even more so, hopefully it’s not a gooey-yucky mess when she opens the cans (like someone said here). Don’t worry, I will come back and keep you posted on my discovery (with pics!).

Moral of the story, if you order Play-doh in the dead of Winter (or anywhere where temperatures are below 32º), try to remember it when the delivery driver leaves it on your doorstep and you shove it in your garage to try to hide it from your kids. Just sayin.

To be continued…

Update: The Play-doh was fine! It thawed out for maybe 2 hours Christmas morning and worked just like normal, unfrozen, Play-doh.  Whew!  It didn’t even feel frozen or cold when my daughter opened it.

photo credit: dianazh / 123RF Stock Photo