How To Use Facebook For Business

How To Use Facebook For Business (a beginners guide)

How To Use Facebook For Business

This quick guide will show you How To Use Facebook For Business successfully to gain more followers and increase engagement and reach.

How To Use Facebook For Business

If you run any type of business from an online shop to a downtown department store, you need to be on Facebook. It’s important that you keep a social media plan; it’s where your target niche is, and in order to market to those people, you need to be right in front of them where they are the most. Facebook.

There are some things to keep in mind when you start your Facebook Business page, or start posting to it if you previously had the page but didn’t keep up with it.

Fact #1

It changes, constantly.

You can log into Facebook today and know exactly how to use it, and tomorrow they will do an update changing where things are. Be prepared for this. They like to change the look and layout of things as well as how their algorithms for visibility work. It’s very important that you keep up to date on the changes so that you can efficiently and effectively use Facebook.

Fact #2

You need to keep up with messaging and comments. No exceptions.

When someone comments on something, or messages your page, they are expecting a response ASAP. Not two days from now, not next week. You need to be watching for when people comment (it notifies you, it’s easy to keep up with for the most part) and when someone messages you. Make it a rule that you absolutely must get back to them within 24 hours. No exceptions. It’s just good business.

Fact #3

You need to learn about your target audience and utilize target marketing.

You are allowed to customize who your posts get seen by using a target market. For example, if you run a child’s clothing company, you want to market to those with children, maybe within a certain age range, and now you can. Targeting is an easy way to get posts seen by the people who want to see it and who will purchase your products. My post, How To Boost A Facebook Post The Right Way, will show you exactly how to get the most bang for your marketing bucks. Bonus Tip: You will (more than likely) need to pay for some form of Facebook advertising. I’ve found that the most effective Facebook marketing is via boosting posts.

Fact #4

You need to know when to post according to when your target market is online.

Facebook will tell you when your page ‘likers’ or users are active online each week and what days and times are most popular. Use this to your advantage. The popular times are when you want to post your content, it’s your best chance at the most people seeing it organically without you having to pay for ads or post boosts.

Fact #5

You need to keep it fun and entertaining, don’t post the same thing daily.

Your readers don’t want to read the same thing twice let alone over and over. Keep it interesting, share relevant articles to your business page, post interesting facts about your business, photos of products, blog posts if you have a blog, etc. Interesting content is what keeps people coming back.

What did you think of these beginner’s tips on How To Use Facebook For Business? Just remember, Facebook is a changing world. It doesn’t stay the same for very long and people are on, quite literally, all day. Learn how to use it to your advantage and you will notice a positive fluctuation in business!

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