How To Use Instagram For Business

How To Use Instagram For Business (a beginners guide)

Learn the basic rules for how to use Instagram for business to expand your reach and gain more followers! Perfect for beginners.

How To Use Instagram For Business

How To Use Instagram For Business

Instagram is loved by many, posting photos, using filters, hashtags, it can be fun but also daunting if you are trying to use Instagram for business. It’s not that challenging though, just keep a few things in mind.

Lesson #1

You can’t post from your computer! One thing that annoys many business owners is that you can’t post from the computer. Keep this in mind when scheduling posts for the week. You will have to use your phone when you want to post. It’s good because you are most likely using your phone to take the photo anyway. But it’s irritating if you aren’t using a post scheduling app as you will need to post manually. Even if you are using a post scheduling app, it only “reminds” you to post on your phone – it won’t actually do it for you.

Lesson #2

You NEED to know what hashtags are! Hashtags are the little symbols that look like this: # . They are widely used across all social media platforms, but started out being the most popular on Twitter. These little guys will direct your posts to people interested in the hash tags that you use. If you run a restaurant in New York you could use the hashtag #NYfood or #newyorkfood and those interested in that hashtag when they search it will see your post. In turn they will follow you if they like what they see.  And always, always, search for the hashtag you want to use before you actually use them. The more popular the hashtag, the more likely you are to be seen.

Lesson #3

Posting images and sneak peeks of products is a gold mine for business. When someone sees a post with a sneak peek photo of a product that they might want to buy, it makes them want it even more. Posting a photo of your product in use will show people how it’s used, who might use it, it will get them interested, and this is exactly what you want! But be sure to post a “teaser” image – meaning, don’t give away all the goods in the image itself.  Make them click over to your blog. A great way to do this is write your post and say “See link in bio” – that’s the only way they can click over.

Lesson #4

Don’t follow everyone back. Similar to all other social media sites, don’t follow someone back just because they followed you. If you want to see all of their posts, then go for it. It’s nice to follow other businesses that are similar to your own. But if you follow every single person that follows you, you are going to have one heck of an Instagram feed to go through. However, if you want to follow everyone back, make sure you have a personal Instagram and a business one. Or, hire a virtual assistant to help you manage your account, and your engagement.

Lesson #5

Have fun with it, users like to see personality. Be Real. Those that use Instagram like to see the personality of other users. Post selfies every once in a while, photos of what you are doing. Maybe you are designing a new product or just eating at a really good restaurant that you want to share with the world. Go for it! The more exciting things that you post the more interaction you will receive!

Lesson #6

Engage with your followers by liking their posts and *gasp* even commenting! I love it when people connect with me, even if it is just a simple “like” – it tells me that there are people out there seeing my stuff, which encourages me to keep posting more! And, you know the saying, “It’s who you know.” Make connections by networking – you never know unless you try! And this goes with your fans/customers, too. Make them feel appreciated and they’ll stick around for more.

What do you think about these tips for how to use Instagram for business? Any tips you’d like to add? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts!