How To Use Twitter For Business (a beginners guide)

How To Use Twitter For Business (a beginners guide)

How To Use Twitter For Business (a beginners guide)

Learn How To Use Twitter For Business to gain more followers and increase your bottom line. A great guide for beginners and new bloggers!

How To Use Twitter For Business (a beginners guide)

Twitter is a very straight forward platform. You can post “tweets”, and you can “retweet” other user’s tweets. You are limited to 140 characters per post, which can get tricky. However, there is rumor that the Twitter algorithm is about to change (to be more like Facebook), and they may be getting rid of the 140 character limit. It hasn’t happened, yet, but may in the near future. Just keep that in mind when reading these tips.

Fact #1

You will want to post frequently. There are users who post 40 times a day, but that’s not what I am talking about here. You want to post to Twitter at least 3 times a day with relevant content. You can make these posts the same as your Facebook posts, or sharing a link, etc. Even retweets can count. Just staying active is the key to being seen.

Fact #2

Learning what Bitly is will be your savior! Bitly will take your URL address and shorten it to just a few characters so that you aren’t using up your 140 characters for a tweet just on the link you want to share. Use it to your advantage when sharing things.

Fact #3

You do not have to follow everyone back who follows you. You will quickly notice that some people follow, EVERYONE. Don’t be that person! Your feed will be filled with so many things you won’t know what way to turn. If someone follows you, that’s good! But unless you are genuinely interested in what they have to offer when they post tweets, don’t worry about following them back!

Fact #4

You will never be able to read everything in a day. With the amount of users and tweets that are on and posted daily, it’s not worth your time to try and read it all. This goes back to #4, only follow who you really want to read about. If it can help you, or you like to retweet their tweets, go for it, but if it’s someone posting random sports updates all day and your business has nothing to do with sports, you might want to pass up on following them before your feed is filled with it.

Fact #5

It’s a tricky world. Using links is your best bet. Twitter isn’t really where people seem to post a lot of photos, it’s not a place to share lifelong stories or long statuses. Twitter is meant to be short, quick and to the point. To get the most out of your Twitter account for a business, share links to your website with appropriate hashtags to get your audience’s attention. With that said, I love posting photos with my posts, because people are visual creatures, but you don’t have to.

Fact #6

Use hashtags. Just like with my How To Use Instagram for Business post, hashtags are a great way to target your niche audience. Just don’t go hashtag crazy. Tag 2-3 words that are popular in regards to your topic. To find popular hashtags, use the Twitter search box and type #___ and whatever word you deem relevant for your post. For example, for this blog tweet, I will tag #bloggingtips #business and maybe #entreprenuer if I have enough space.

Twitter took the world by surprise and began being used frequently by many users. It can be a very good marketing tool if you can learn the ins and outs and target the right people for your business to create a profit from using the growing social media platform.

What did you think of these tips for learning how to use twitter for business? I’d love to know, so please leave a comment!

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