Mint Oreo Trifle

This Mint Oreo Trifle is the perfect dessert for those who love peppermint and chocolate, especially for St. Patrick’s Day!

Peppermint Mint Oreo Trifle




1 package of Oreo Mint Cookies
1 small package JELL-O Chocolate Pudding
2 cup cold Milk
2 cup Heavy Cream
¼ cup Powdered Sugar
3 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Green Food Coloring

In Process 1

This Peppermint Fluff is my favorite part!


Make pudding according to package directions. Place in refrigerator. Whip heavy cream until it begins to peak. Add powdered sugar and continue to whip. Add the peppermint oil and 6-10 drops food coloring and continue to whip until peaks form.

Place in refrigerator. Chop approximately ¾ of the Oreos and scatter into bottom of container. Top with about 1/4 cup chocolate pudding, then add another small amount of Oreo topping. Top with whipped cream mixture. If you happen to not like mint you can opt out of the mint ingredients and use vanilla instead.

Oreo Mint Trifle