Must-Have Budget Friendly Pantry Staples

Avoid extra trips to the store and wasting gas and save money with these must-have budget friendly pantry staples!

Must-Have Budget Friendly Pantry Staples

There are many foods and ingredients that you should keep on hand to avoid having to run to the store before making dinner. The list below are items that can be used in a variety of ways, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg to keep around. These items won’t go bad too fast (minus the bananas) and can be found at any grocery store.

Must-Have Budget Friendly Pantry Staples

With oats you can make oatmeal, overnight oats, granola, you can eat a new breakfast every day for a month just by using oats and other ingredients that you have at home. Cook it for breakfast oats, leave it in the fridge for overnight oats (which also work as a nice snack!) or bake it to turn it into granola.

Rice provides a base for eating leftovers, which is also budget friendly. Take last night’s chicken and veggies over whole grain brown rice for a whole new dish! Rice also bakes well in casseroles and makes a great side on its own!

Bananas make a nice snack, taste great on sandwiches and can be frozen for smoothies. Keeping them around and eating them before they go bad is a sure way to make sure that you always have snacks and smoothies bases. Buy them when they are green for the best results on them lasting.

Potatoes are more than versatile. Steam them, bake them, fry them, they freeze well after being cooked, and can be made into so many things! Need a side dish? How about bakes potatoes, hassle back, mashed, French fries, or fried potatoes? Whipping up a potato side dish is easy as pie!

Adding onions will make any dish have more flavor, they’re easy to come by, and not expensive. They can be baked and fried, and just like potatoes, they also freeze well.

Lentils are similar to noodles, but far healthier. Being cheap, you can keep a variety on hand for little money. They make the best stews and work well in casseroles and almost any other dish you can think of.

So, what did you think of this list of these must-have budget friendly pantry staples? I bet there are many more that I haven’t listed – so be sure to leave a comment and tell us what your must-have pantry items are!

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