Natural Non-toxic Ways To Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Natural Non-toxic Ways To Get Rid of Mold and Mildew! Use these natural non-toxic ways to get rid of mold and mildew without harmful chemicals in your home! And, be sure to check out all our other DIY ideas, too! Plus, don’t forget to PIN IT to save it!

Natural Non-toxic Ways To Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

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Natural Non-toxic Ways To Get Rid of Mold and Mildew

Do you have problem with humidity in your home and always have to deal with mold and mildew? We always hurry to get rid of it because mold can cause respiratory problems, sinus infections, allergies, etc. And to do so we always go for the bleach or buy some anti-mold cleaning product, without thinking about the fact that that too, is not good for us.

But have you ever thought that there could be a different way to get rid of mold, a better way, a healthier way? Well, there is. Instead of spraying chemicals in your home in order to kill the mold, you can use a few non-toxic and natural products that may already be in your kitchen. You can use these several things to get rid of mold quickly, efficiently and chemical-free.


This magical fluid can be used to clean pretty much your entire home, and it works in the war on mold, too. Put some distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle, spray the mold and let it soak for a while, then simply rinse it off. The vinegar has antimicrobial properties and is the perfect choice for this task, but it will leave its smell for a couple of days. The smell will vanish of course, so if that does not trouble you go ahead and get rid of the mold in you home with vinegar – non-toxic and cheap.

Baking Soda

It can be mixed with the vinegar but it can be used on its own as well. Baking soda is another fantastic mold remover. Mix it with water in a spray bottle and just like with the vinegar – spray, let it soak, remove mold and rinse. This will not leave any smell in your home, plus it is also safe for kids and pets.


Of course, vodka can be used to clean other things too, but it also helps with the mold problem. Here the procedure is the same as the other ones – spray, wait, remove and rinse. But this, too, will smell quite a bit but it will disappear in no time. But if you like the smell of vodka and you do not have pets or kids to worry about, feel free to use it, it will help you greatly.

Cleaning with Essential Oils

This is probably the best of them all, it is a bit more expensive than the other ones but it too, can be used for multiple purposes. According to BestCleaners Vauxhall, tea tree oil is the best non-toxic alternative to the chemical-induced cleaning products. Tea tree is a natural fungicide and will successfully get rid of that nasty mildew and mold. Simply mix a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and water in a spray bottle, spray the problem area and wipe the mold to remove it (no rinsing required). The tea tree oil will give it a slight nice smell. Or, try my other easy recipe for Homemade Cleaning and Sanitizing Spray!

Homemade Cleaning and Sanitizing Spray With Essential Oils

What do you think of these natural non-toxic ways to get rid of mold and mildew in your home? Mold can cause enough problems on its own, and the last thing you need is to bring in more chemicals to deal with the problem. Use these simple products, instead.