Repurpose Projects for Pallets, Wine Corks and Crates

Check out these awesome Repurpose Projects for Pallets, Wine Corks and Crates that you can turn into home decor items!

DIY Repurpose Projects for Pallets and Crates

Many of us think an item’s life is over when it can no longer be used for its intended purpose. But that’s not true. There are many common household items – that we would typically trash – that can be repurposed to create neat, aesthetically pleasing and efficient pieces of home decor.


DIY Crate End Table

In recent years, crates have become the face of DIY crafts and repurposing. They can be made into coffee tables, side tables and shelving units. They can also be broken apart and used to create smaller wooden projects, like cute signs or planters. You can also – with very little effort – use old crates in place of baskets or storage units. Add paint or stain to customize.

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

After you’ve pulled off that final sheet of toilet paper, reconsider before tossing that cardboard roll into the trash. These items, when cut into pieces, can be repurposed into wall art. When you cut up the tube, creating a number of little rings (rather than one, long roll), the possibilities become immense. Consider making them into leaves in a tree mural or attaching them to other pieces, creating a larger piece of art. They can serve as adornments on wreaths, wall clocks, or simply stand alone with other pieces of roll.

Wine Corks

Repurpose Wine Corks

Don’t toss that cork! These spongy little pieces can be used to create picture frames, coasters or even an on-the-wall key holder. For the latter, use super or hot glue to connect your collection of corks to a wooden base (you can even use connected Popsicle sticks). Insert metal hooks – which can be bought at your local hardware or craft store – into a few of the corks on the side opposite of your wooden foundation, and enjoy your key holder!

Wallpaper Scraps

Wallpaper can be used for more than large-scale wall redecorating. Use the scraps and leftovers to beautify smaller surfaces, like notebook covers or picture frame matting. You can also wrap pieces around vases or jars, allowing your small décor to perfectly match your walls. It’s the perfect, subtle way to tie the space together.


DIY Pallet Projects

Like crates, pallets have become very popular items in the world of DIY. They can be used in their whole forms to create tables, bed or couch frames or even an in-home theater. You can also detach the pieces of wood to create smaller projects, like planters, mug holders or picture frames. When it comes to décor, a DIY pallet headboard is one of the coolest (and easiest) things to make from an old pallet. It doesn’t even need to be broken; simply fasten the whole pallet to the wall behind your bed.

Glass Jars

What once held your pickles could now hold your nails, thumbtacks or any other small craft-related supplies. Your old jars could also hold dry food items. To create hanging jars, take a wooden shelving unit or cabinet and simply screw the jar’s lid to the bottom side of the shelf. Store whatever you want within your glass and simply screw the jar onto the shelf when finished. It will look cool, and prove an efficient use of space.

These few items are just the beginning! When you put on your creative repurposing hat, you’d be shocked at the infinite uses of different household items. But for now, enjoy using the items on this list.

Ali Lawrence is a kombucha tea-sipping writer who focuses on DIY projects and healthy living via her family blog Homey Improvements. Find her on Twitter at @DIYfolks